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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

CBS reporting Loeffler's the man.

This has been a crazy week.

First, nothing. I mean not a peep out of the athletics department. An obvious gag order from General Beamer. Then a succession of bad rumors. It was Pep! No, it wasn't! Chuck Long's the pick! Disregard that! Greg Adkins to coach the OL! In Buffalo!

Now CBS is reporting that Scot Loeffler has been hired as OC in Blacksburg. Not that he's the leading candidate, mind you, or that his hiring is expected. CBS is saying the hiring has already transpired. So either the coaching search is finally over, or this is just one more bogus rumor to add to the stack. Neither would surprise me.

It's been reported that former Auburn offensive line coach Jeff Grimes was also in Blacksburg the same day as Loeffler, and there's a rumor circulating that Grimes will follow Loeffler to Blacksburg, but I'll believe it when I see it. Not that I have any specific reason to doubt Grimes' hire, but I've been burned on rumors too many times during this coaching search.

If nothing else occurs today, Logan Thomas is expected to announce his intentions regarding a possible early departure for the NFL. LT will release a press release at 4:00 PM eastern. It stands to reason we will know something official about the coaching staff by the end of the day, because LT would have to know about his coaching situation before making a decision on whether to leave early or come back for his senior year. The dropoff in Thomas' productivity would indicate a return, but if LT feels he wouldn't gain anything from his coaches he might opt to cut his losses and hope to survive a steep learning curve in the NFL.

The other two underclassmen Hokies considering an early jump to the NFL, Antone Exum and James Gayle, are both returning for their senior year, but we can't extrapolate Logan's return from that. Tone and Gayle will be returning to play for one of the best defensive coaching staffs in college football. LT would be coming back to play for either one of the worst OCs in college football, or a completely overhauled staff.

If Loeffler really is the pick, though, I think LT will be back. Although Loeffler's tenure as an OC has been the definition of a mixed bag, he is a legit QB coach.

Either way, we should know a whole lot more by this time tomorrow.

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