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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Practice Preview

Hard to believe, but we've managed to put two and a half months between us and the abortion of a game that was the Sugar Bowl. Spring practice opens in Blacksburg on Wednesday so here are some of the questions we hope to see answered.

1.) What the hell does our O line look like?
We have one known starter at this point: center Andrew Miller. Other than that the competition is as wide open as the Hunger Games. The candidates have talent, some experience, and injuries. Brent Benedict has a chance to prove the hype, Ed Wang has a chance to prove he's back to fill health, and Vinston Painter has a chance to show he can hang as a starter after all.

2.) Do we have any semblance of depth to the receiving corps?
What a difference a year makes. Last year we had the deepest roster of wide outs in the ACC. This year even our number two is a question mark. DJ Coles and Marcus Davis are guaranteed starting spots. Coles proved reliable and steady last season, but Davis has had a frustrating schIzophrenic quality to his game that needs to be put to bed if he's going to be a starter. Dyrell Roberts returns from the broken arm that cut his season short last year, but let's see if he can make it through a full season unscathed. After Dyrell we descend into uncharted territory.

3.) Are we any better off at linebacker?
Bruce Taylor and the Hyphen are still recovering from Lisfranc sprains and Telvion Clark just got dismissed for being a sloppy drunk. Time for the underclassmen to nut up or shut up. Jack Tyler, Chase Williams, all eyes are on you. And remember, Chase, no bounties.

4.) Sup, Holmes?
David Willson becomes the latest in a long line of superhuman freaks to turn in one amazing year at tailback and then leave early for the draft. Next man up is Michael Holmes, a local product who was a bit of a sleeper during the recruiting process but who has apparently made believers out of our starting defense. Holmes is more of a prototypical power back than Wilson, which probably means fewer "OMFG did you SEE that?" moments. There will also hopefully be fewer massive losses of yardage from trying to make something out of nothing.
If Holmes can't go, it's literally in the hands of true freshmen. JC Coleman will probably be amazing...in time. Drew Harris comes in rehabbing a knee injury and Trey Edmunds comes in not knowing if he'll be a linebacker or a tailback.

Monday, March 12, 2012

If you are looking for your past comments.

FBS just switched over to a new system for commenting on posts. One of the unfortunate results of this switch was that we lost ALL previous reader comments under old posts. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Monday, March 5, 2012

ACC remembers they play football, releases schedule

The 2012 ACC football schedule is finally available to the public. If you haven't wrung your hands obsessively over it, feel free to do so here.

In the worst kept secret since the iPhone 4, Virginia Tech will open the season against Georgia Tech on Labor Day evening in Blacksburg. VT gets six home games this season, against GT, Austin Peay, Bowling Green, Duke, Florida State, and Virginia. The Hokies play two Thursday night contests (at Miami and vs FSU), have one bye week, and play once on short rest. The non-conference schedule is once again a block of four consecutive early season games, all four coming immediately following the season-opening Techmo Bowl. The non-conference opponents are a nominal step up from last season, including two BCS conference opponents, both of which are from the Big East.

How does FBS feel about this schedule? Let's ask Mr. Horse.

The home schedule is GT, Austin Peay, Bowling Green, Duke, FSU, and UVA, with GT and FSU being played on days other than a Saturday. Personally I like the idea of VT being a featured prime-time game with no competition to draw away viewers, but I know travel can be tricky in the beginning or middle of the week and I do kind of feel for season ticket holders this season. 

As was pointed out by Charlie McRaven, we get three teams coming off a bye week this season, which at first made me want to cry foul until I really looked at the specifics. We pull Miami and Florida State off their bye weeks - which is harsh - but only because we're playing both those teams on a Thursday. Miami is up first, and we get them after our bye week, too. You have that when you play on Thursdays. We then host FSU the following Thursday, which is their only Thursday night contest of the season, so obviously they're going to get their bye week before us. This does bring up the interesting point that VT is the only ACC school to play more than one game this season on a day other than Saturday. You can look at that one of two ways - either VT is the most marketable brand in the ACC right now and the conference wants to promote us unopposed as the flagship of the conference... or we're John Swofford's bitch. 

The other team we pull off their bye week is Clemson. So, yeah, maybe that John Swofford's bitch thing has some merit.

We play consecutive games at home only once this season, and they're five days apart. I like the Techmo Bowl on Labor Day because it gives Foster a summer to prepare for the flexbone and gives him the healthiest defense he'll field all season, but the only way the Austin Peay game could cause an ounce of angst is to have scheduled it five days after the opener. What's the over/under on how many times Frank makes the team watch highlights of the JMU clusterfuck?

VT has to travel for consecutive games twice: Cincy at FedEx Field followed up by UNC in Chapel Hill, then Clemson and Miami, which is brutal. We do get our bye week between Clemson and Miami, but that's a tough one-two punch to take. 

Our non-conference schedule is a nominal upgrade from last season, including two teams that are technically from another BCS conference. (The Big East still counts, right?) And, of course, we get both of those opponents away from home. The departure of Todd Graham has reduced Pitt to an absolute dumpster fire of a program, though, and Arkansas State was honestly a better program than what we'll likely see in Pittsburgh.

So to break it down...


Georgia Tech to open the season. I don't usually like the idea of opening with a conference game, but this is the exception. 

Florida State on a Thursday night in Blacksburg. Bring it.


The home schedule. My heart goes out to season ticket holders, especially the ones who live out of town and can't make non-Saturday games work with their schedules. 


At Clemson, at Miami, Florida State. That right there is what we call a murderer's row, my friends.

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