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We at FBS believe that offensive coordinator Bryan Stinespring bears the largest share of the blame for years of sub-par output from some of the most talented players ever to set foot on Worsham Field. We believe the main objective of the VT football program - a national championship - will escape us as long as Stinespring is making the calls. We therefore advocate the improvement of our football program through the replacement of our offensive coordinator.

Friday, November 2, 2012

The war drums are getting louder.

I've been involved with this site since 2008. For most of the past four years I've considered myself a part of a vocal minority, far outside the mainstream coverage of Virginia Tech football. We were the easily dismissed know nothing armchair coaches. But things sure have changed.

Aaron McFarling has an article out that pretty much nails the situation. This isn't a blogger. McFarling is a VT beat reporter with full media credentials. (Let's see how long he keeps those.)

Frank Beamer is under more pressure now than he has been since 1992. If you've watched any interviews or press conferences you can see it in his body language and hear it in his voice. But unlike in '92, Frank is not beholden to the AD. Frank winning his little game of chicken with Jim Weaver over the UNC job offer back in the day gave Beamer full reign over football with an iron fist. Weaver cannot force Frank's hand.

If Frank is going to be pressured into change, that pressure will come from the media and the fans. Us, basically.

Now is the time to be loud.

I don't usually like to hawk the tshirts you see over on the left sidebar because I'm not running this blog to sell anything. But if you are in or close to the New River Valley I urge you to pick one up and wear it. Be visible. This is the greatest chance we've had to accomplish our goal since I've been manning this post.

And just as a reminder, I don't get any sort of a commission from shirts sold. I'm not trying to profit from this. Spreadshirt let's you set the commission you make off each sale, and all items in the FBS store are set to zero commission.

Anyway, John Q. Hokie, average fan, is more sympathetic to our position than ever before. We shouldn't just assume that Frank will make the right call.

Keep the pressure up, Hokies.

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