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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A bit of positive offensive news...

According to CFB's official site, the depth chart has been updated for this week: Corey Fuller and Demitri Knowles have been moved to the starting receiver spots over Marcus Davis and Dyrell Roberts. I've wanted to see Fuller in a starting role since week one when he hauled in 5 passes for 82 yards. He's shown some very sticky hands this season (not quite Danny Coale sticky, but far stickier than Marcus "Drops-A-Lot" Davis). Lets see if Logan's passing numbers improve in the first half this week.

This could be another tough break for Davis - who's physical tools give him the look of an NFL-bound wideout. Getting benched in your third to last (or worse, second to last) college game is enough to scare many NFL scouts away, never mind his newfound Deadspin fame. Maybe if this had happened in week 2 or 3, he would have had a chance to fight back into the #1 spot - something that could have earned him some positive attention late in the season.

Stiney and Sherman claim another victim.

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