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We at FBS believe that offensive coordinator Bryan Stinespring bears the largest share of the blame for years of sub-par output from some of the most talented players ever to set foot on Worsham Field. We believe the main objective of the VT football program - a national championship - will escape us as long as Stinespring is making the calls. We therefore advocate the improvement of our football program through the replacement of our offensive coordinator.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Todd McShay just bitchslapped Beamer and Stiney

ESPN draft guru Todd McShay has finally said to a national audience what I've been saying for years. And Todd pulled no punches.
There is no offensive consistency. Receivers aren't running the routes they should be. They're not in the places they should be. His offensive line is not protected. And I think their offensive scheme, to be quite honest with you, is outdated by 10, 15 years. So I don't think he's getting a whole lot of help around him. I do think the best thing that could happen to him whenever he does come out for the draft is maybe go a little later. Maybe get drafted in the second or third round and not have that pressure to play right away. Because I don't think he's going to be ready to come in and start from a consistency standpoint. Knowing what I know about guys coming out of that program on the offensive side, I don't think that he's going to be ready from a mental standpoint.
Couldn't have said it better myself, Todd.

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