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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Thin Line Between Bad and God-Awful: Miami Preview

Virginia Tech will travel to the University of Miami...

Well, no, stop right there. That's not true at all.

You want to know why Miami home games attract literally dozens of Hurricanes fans? This is the reason:

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That's a map of the distance between the University of Miami campus and Sun Life Stadium (or whatever the fuck it's called now). It's 21 fucking miles away. That's seriously like if VT played its home games in Dublin, VA. The NCAA should put Donna Shalala on their Christmas card list, because she succeeded in doing what they couldn't: destroy the Miami football program.

Logan Thomas mentioned Miami's home attendance in an interview this week, which I'm sure will get the 2,000 fans who show up for the game whipped into a frenzy.

Okay, all kidding aside, this game is kind of a big deal, because the winner will...wait for it...be in the driver's seat to represent the Coastal Division in the ACCCG. Yes, friends, the Hokies are still very much alive for a December trip to Charlotte despite the numerous struggles we've endured so far this season. A victory over Miami would put us half a game up on the Canes and would give us the tiebreaker over them. We already own the tiebreaker over Duke...and now I invite you to pause a moment and reflect on the fact that having a tiebreaker over Duke actually factors into the Coastal Division race as we enter November. UNC would normally win the Coastal Division in a walk with the season they're having, but they are ineligible due to the sins of Butch Davis being visited on Larry Fedora. We're half a game up on the shitty Yellow Jackets and own the tiebreaker there, too. And our toughest game left after Miami is against an Atlantic opponent. So chances are whoever wins this game with the Canes will punch a ticket to Charlotte the first Saturday of December.

So what do the Canes bring to the table? Not much. They've lost three in a row. They're averaging about 415 yards per game while giving up about 499. They're 71st in scoring offense at 26.88 ppg. In essence, they suck.

The problem with this game is it's essentially a matchup of weakness vs weakness. The Canes can't defend the run (249.25 ypg surrendered, 119th in the nation -there's only 120 teams). We can't run (157 rushing ypg, 70th in the nation). The Canes are marginally better in pass defense (83rd nationally), and we are marginally better in passing offense (54th nationally). On paper, it's a hell of a matchup.

The breaking point might be that Miami tends to get everything done on offense through the air, putting up over 288 yards per game. And even though we've had a bye week to try to heal up Kyle Fuller's bum shoulder and get the freshmen up to speed on the zone coverages, our secondary is still the weak link in this defensive chain. On the other hand, this might be the game when the defensive front seven finally shows the pass rush we've expected from them all season.

Last season's Miami game was the turning point of the season, when LT finally put it all together and became the quarterback we - or at least I - knew he could be. This year's Miami game will be the game that either salvages the season or dips us fully into the tailspin.

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