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Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Ballad of Logan Thomas

"Everybody was wanting to crown him the next whoever. That's not right. That's not fair. Now, do we expect big things? Absolutely." - Mike O'Cain

"This is where legends are made. This is where you make your legacy. Go ahead and do it." - Tyrod Taylor

"Holy motherf**king sh*t!" -Illinois Hokie

No other Virginia Tech quarterback under Frank Beamer has ever thrown for over 300 yards against the Miami Hurricanes. No other VT QB under Beamer has ever thrown three touchdown passes against the Canes. No Hokies QB has ever flirted with a 92% completion rate, trucked a UM linebacker, or broken the spirit of the Hurricanes quite like Logan Thomas just did.

I'm a wee bit closer to writing off the Clemson game as an aberration.

So is LT going to be this good every week? Hell, no. I don't think he conceivably could be. But as I watched him lay the foundation of a legendary career against the rival Hurricanes I marveled at the fact that, in time, he could be better. As good as he was - and my God, you don't need me to tell you how good he was - there were still some rookie mistakes in his game. He fumbled twice, once because he took his eyes off a shotgun snap and once because he failed to secure the football on a sack. (Side Note: Best two yard gain I can recall ever seeing, Mr. Lanier.) He threw a pass when he was two yards beyond the line of scrimmage. And on the drive that heralded the Dawn of the Age of Logan, he had to slow himself down a bit and remember that he still had 90 seconds and two timeouts to work with.

But make no mistake: what Nebraska '09 was to Tyrod Taylor, Miami '11 is to Logan Thomas. The difference is that TT's miracle moment came in the last two minutes of an otherwise forgettable game, LT's was a masterpiece strung together over four full quarters.

This was the game I needed to see after Clemson. This is what all of Hokie Nation needed to light a fire under its collective asses. And this is what I dreamed our offense could look like after the changes to the offensive staff and play calling structure were announced after the Orange Bowl.

Are we a lock to win out? Hell no. Especially if the injuries to Gayle and the Hyphen are serious. Our defensive front seven is pretty much shredded by injury right now, so we might be seeing a lot more shootouts like this one. And I don't expect LT to win them all like this. Don't get me wrong. I think he is capable of winning them all. But I also think we might see a rookie mistake at an inopportune time that might cost us a game down the stretch. That's the thing that amazes me most about what I saw out of LT against Miami. He's still learning how to play his position at the highest level of college football. He looked that good against one of the best passing defenses in college football, and he's still learning.

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