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We at FBS believe that offensive coordinator Bryan Stinespring bears the largest share of the blame for years of sub-par output from some of the most talented players ever to set foot on Worsham Field. We believe the main objective of the VT football program - a national championship - will escape us as long as Stinespring is making the calls. We therefore advocate the improvement of our football program through the replacement of our offensive coordinator.

Monday, August 30, 2010

FBS Preseason Top 25

Why? Because we're bored as f*ck waiting for Labor Day.

Seriously, all polls prior to around week 8/early November are bullshit, right? So we figure by that logic, a poll slapped together by three VT homers over the beer pong table carries as much weight as the AP and ESPN/USA Today bitches. Face it, by the Georgia Tech game we'll look back on this preseason poll and laugh our asses off over the wild inaccuracies. In fact, the poll will probably look completely different after all results are in from week 1. But who gives a shit? It's college football, the sport with the least logical/rational ranking system in the known world.

1. Alabama
To be the best you have to beat the best. (Insert Ric Flair "WOO!" here.) Defending national champs who (eventually) return the reigning Heisman Trophy winner. Until they stumble they're our consensus number one.

2. Texas
Did anybody else watch Garrett Gilbert come in against Alabama in the BCS Championship Game and have bad flashbacks of Tyrod Taylor's debut in '07? Mack Brown and his Big Cows gave their new QB one of the most public trials by fire we have ever seen last season.

3. Boise State
After the Menstrual Tide, the Broncos have the fewest question marks, as they return 22 starters (a stat that is WAY over-reported, but still somehow under-appreciated) from a team that ran the table last year. They are just a Mark Ingram away from being number one. Don't get us wrong, though. We think they'll wear their ass for a hat on Labor Day.

4. Ohio State

Fuck you, Jim Tressel. That sweater vest looks more and more like a life-preserver every season.

5. Virginia Tech

Senior quarterback with loads of confidence? Check. Talented, role-playing receivers? Check. Best damn backfield in nation? Triple-check. Bud Foster running the defense? Holy shit, this could be something special. Go ahead, Stiney. Find a way to fuck this up. We fucking dare you.

6. Florida
Replacing Father Tim will be hard. Brantley is getting some good press though. While Maimi and FSU played grab-ass in the ACC for the past few years, Meyer has been stealing top-tier recruits right out from under their noses, and it shows. And Urban Meyer won at Utah with Alex Smith.

7. Oklahoma
Where Garrett Gilbert took half a game to hit his stride at Texas, Landry Jones took half a season to fall flat on his face at Oklahoma. But the rest of the team looks solid, and apparently the coach is still known as “Big Game Bob,” even though the last “big game” we remember the Sooners playing in was when they sucked it up against our Labor Day opponents.

8. Oregon
LaMichael James is good. Like, apparently Ryan Williams/Dion Lewis good. And that's a good thing for the Ducks because nobody knows a damn thing about their starting quarterback this season.

9. Nebraska
Bo Pelini has finally resurrected the Black Shirt defense, even with the departure of a boy named Suh. But their offensive coordinator looks like he got his degree from the Bryan Stinespring Correspondence Course. The Mothershuckers might build on their 2009 success, but they've got the biggest bullseye on their back of any team since the '03 Hokies.

10. TCU
We expect the Horny Toads to run the table in the Mountain West this season. Yawn.

11. Iowa
Quarterback Ricky Stanzi returns for his senior season. Overcome that obstacle and the Hawkeyes could make it back to a BCS bowl.

12. Miami
Miami is always back. Back again. Backer than back. Ackbay. Until they aren't. We look forward to watching Herbstreit fellate Da U on air after the Hurricanes embarrass the Sweater-Vested Douchebags in week 2.

13. Pittsburgh
And somebody get Herby a towel when Pitt beats Miami a week and a half later.

14. Wisconsin
Wisconsin's nickname is Whiskey. We like whiskey. So we ranked 'em.

15. Georgia Tech
We expect the loss of their one legitimate receiver and NFL caliber running back to prevent Gimmick Tech from repeating as ACC champs. The upside? We get to beat Paul Johnson and Al Groh in one game.

16. Arkansas
The Razorbacks won’t be winning the SEC, but they will probably excel in their traditional role of upset specialists. Anyone wearing a Florida Gators hat to a game will be shot on sight.

17. Penn State

An early date with Alabama probably pushes the Nitany Lions into unrankedville. Things get worse when the Happy Valley sunlight refracts through Joe Pa's glasses just right and vaporizes their starting offensive line.

18. LSU

Their best offensive player in the last ten years was JaMarcus Russel. That's how bad their offense sucks.

19. GeorgiaAnother huge recruiting class, another year to climb the rankings and try and beat Florida. Only now there’s no Te-he-who-shall-not-be-named.

20. Southern California
HokieJayBee ranked them in his ballot. Big Tony and IllinoisHokie don't smoke crack.

21. Florida StateThe hope of your program is a guy named Jimbo? Christian Ponder will put up some points.

22. Auburn
The second go-round with the spread option seems to be going much better. They had Alabama on the ropes last year and return just about everyone important.

23. North Carolina

Check that. Apparently Big Tony does smoke crack.

24. Oregon State

25. Brigham Young
Okay, fuck it. Illinois Hokie also smokes the crack.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Virginia Tech is the New Black...

Put me down for one, please.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Get Excited, Hokies

There are several reasons to be exited right now if your fall wardrobe is dominated by burnt orange and Chicago maroon.

For one thing, the countdown to VT's 2010 football season has now entered single digits in the days column.

For another, an article on Darren Evans was the main focus on Yahoo! Sports NCAA football site. While I strongly disagree with author David Fox's titular assumption that anyone in Hokie Nation has "forgotten" about Evans, it's nice to see an article on a student athlete doing it the right way. Watching UNC's football season go swirly before it even gets started, coupled with the site of once-proud Southern Cal handing its castrated football program over to professional ass clown Lane Kiffin for dismantling, reminds us all that character counts more than ever in college football these days.

Oh, and Tyrod Taylor just went OFF in today's scrimmage, completing 16 of 17 for 319 yards and 3 TDs. One of those was a 95 yard touchdown pass to... wait for it... a tight end. And the pass that dropped uncaught was the one pass Tyrod had to throw away to avoid a sack. Now we shouldn't read too much into a scrimmage against the second team defense, but 16 of 17 would be pretty good against Blacksburg High, and you know this had to get the entire offense fired up. Add to Tyrod's monstrous showing a 54(!) yard field goal by Justin Myer - that reportedly had room to spare - and things are looking pretty damn good to start the season a week from Monday.

(In other scrimmage news Marcus Davis blocked a punt that Zach Luckett recovered and returned for a touchdown, but I don't really include that in reasons to get excited because what's good for the punt block unit in this situation is bad for the punt protection unit.)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Third Party Vindication

Click here to read the 2010 Hater's Guide to the Top 25. Scroll immediately down to number 10.

Personally, I prefer the dog trying to f*ck a rabbit reference, but deadspin.com does seem to sum up the quality of Stinespring's resume.

Oh, and check out Boise State for a laugh. (Also, read what deadspin.com says about them.)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In Frank We Trust

Frank Beamer's contract with Virginia Tech has been extended through 2016.

Let's be very clear on this point: we at FBS believe that Virginia Tech football is the House That Frank Built. Beamer can and will be the head coach at VT for as long as he feels like putting in another season of work and there will not be a cross word out of the admins of this blog. But in light of this most recent extension there are a few things that I feel need to be discussed.

1.) The extension of Frank Beamer's contract is in effect an extension of Bryan Stinespring as offensive coordinator.

There's no reason to beat around the bush on this one. Stinespring is Beamer's boy. As long as Beamer's holding the reins, Stinespring will not be terminated. If Stiney didn't get canned after the 2009 season then he's basically fireproof.

That's not to say we're giving up the cause here at FBS. Should the offense start to look less like 2010 and more like 2007-09 then we will operate under the premise that if we make Stinespring's seat hot enough he'll jump off of it himself.

2.) Jim Weaver needs to get serious about Bud Foster.

Allow me to interject here that in general I (the IH, personally, not indicative of the opinions of his fellow FBS admins) do not believe in Head Coach in Waiting deals. I think they're a genuinely bad idea on a number of levels. They will either turn out to be meaningless, like Will Muschamp's deal at Texas (who honestly believes Muschamp would turn down a head coaching job at a top-tier BCS school because of his HCIW deal with UT?) or create a detrimental power struggle like Jimbo Fisher's deal at F$U (details are just beginning to leak out about how much of a clusterf*ck that situation really was).

So I don't think it would be a good idea for Jim Weaver to announce Bud Foster as head coach in waiting at Virginia Tech, especially since we now know that he'll be "in waiting" for seven years. And the $800,000 annuity waiting for Bud at the end of the 2014 season pretty much guarantees that as long as he's a DC, he'll be the DC in Blacksburg.

But I also think Jim Weaver needs to sit down with Bud Foster, look him in the eye, and tell Bud that he is the first man he wants to interview when Beamer finally steps down, regardless of where Bud might be coaching at that point.

I realize there's a very good chance that just such a conversation has already taken place, so I also believe that Jim Weaver should structure a second annuity for Bud Foster, for another $800,000, payable if Foster is still the defensive coordinator to begin the 2017 season. It's a gesture of faith and good will on the part of Virginia Tech athletics to the man who defended Virginia Tech's reputation of national powerhouse (pun intended) throughout the tenure of one of the worst offensive coordinators any BCS title contender has ever employed.

Monday, August 23, 2010

There's a joke about Boise State in here somewhere...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Captain (All-)America

This should surprise no one, but Ryan Williams is a preseason All-American. Rivals.com has posted its 2010 preseason All-America team and Ryan Williams has made the cut.

The vast majority of you will be filing this under "D," no doubt.

Two notable observations: Williams was the only Hokie to make the list, and Williams made the second team on Rivals.com's list. The first team All-Americans are Alabama's Mark Ingram and Pitt's Dion Lewis.

It's tough to argue that Lewis doesn't deserve the recognition: as a freshman he actually managed to run for more yards than Williams, albeit against a Big East slate of opponents. Ingram, on the other hand, is impossible not to include on any All-America list simply by virtue of his Heisman trophy and the fact that he's the starting tailback for the defending BCS champions.

All of that aside, any college football analyst who doesn't include Williams on their preseason All-America team needs to hand in their credentials.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shakin' Off the Dust

Howdy. Thanks for stopping by. Pardon the look of the place. We still haven't pulled all the plastic off the furniture. And we're not quite sure what that smell is. We think Big Tony left a half-eaten burrito lying out before we shut the lights off last January.

But it's mid-August now, we're mere days away from yet another marquee matchup to open the Virginia Tech football season, and holy crap is there a lot to talk about.

First and foremost, we have a backup quarterback. In what may go down in VT football history as the most drawn out personnel decision for a backup spot, biologically engineered freak of nature Logan Thomas has edged out one-year backup Ju-Ju Clayton for the honor of keeping Tyrod Taylor's seat warm. This position battle has been raging since Thomas stepped on campus before last season, and though pretty much everyone saw the writing on the wall when it took every ounce of effort Clayton could muster to convince the coaching staff to redshirt Thomas last season it still took Mike O'Cain and Frank Beamer until a mere three weeks prior to the start of the season to make it official. But now the backup reins are firmly within Thomas's oversized hands, which means if everything goes well for Thomas in what is certain to be the moppiest of mop-up duty this year we might actually enjoy a relatively seamless transition at the quarterback spot and three years of Thomas as unquestioned starter. That would be a refreshing change of pace after enduring the dual-QB debacle that started Tyrod's career under center, but it makes me wonder how incoming QB recruits Ricardo Young and Mark Leal feel about the situation.

Secondly, while it's not quite approaching the fever pitch that preceded last season, there is some major hype surrounding VT's season opener against Boise State. That's to be expected, considering it's an opening-weekend matchup of the #5 and #6 teams in the preseason USA Today coaches poll (#3 vs #10 in the preseason AP poll), but a lot of the hype is also propped up by the steady flow of sports reporting that's pitching Boise State as the best hope a mid-major conference has ever had to play for a BCS championship. Rivals.com's David Fox wrote an excellent piece on the Broncos, who are ranked #3 in Rivals' preseason poll, but allow me to sum up what Fox and basically everyone else is saying about Boise State's national championship hopes: they hinge on the VT game. As I see it, this puts VT in an awkward position, since the general assumption should VT win on Labor Day will be that Boise State somehow wasn't "legit." Unless the game comes down to the wire with VT eking out a victory, after which Boise State manages to shred the rest of their schedule and finish 11-1, I don't see VT gaining a lot of recognition in this one.

And finally, getting down to the events of summer camp not involving the QB spot, we Hokie football fans find ourselves in somewhat uncharted territory this season. Steve Megargee opens up Rivals.com's preseason preview of the Hokies thusly:

This isn't the typical Virginia Tech team, but it still ought to produce typical Virginia Tech results.

Virginia Tech has relied mainly on its defense to win 10 games in each of the past six seasons, but this season the Hokies may need to rely more on their offense.

Yeah, it made me a little nauseous when I read it, too. But it's true: there are far fewer question marks on offense than on defense this year, with starters returning to every skill position and the return of Darren Evans to what is now unquestionably the nation's best backfield. The biggest question on offense is, once again, offensive line, but that's essentially the only question. On defense there's questions everywhere. Who will rush the passer with the departure of Jason Worilds? Will a young secondary be able to uphold the incredible reputation VT has built during the Torrian Gray era? What can we expect from the linebackers now that Cody Grimm has departed?

In summary, we should feel much better about our offense than our defense moving into the 2010 season. And that makes me incredibly nervous.

To be fair, there is significantly more talent on this offense than there was on the offense that played for a national championship in '99. The issue, once again, centers around the man calling the plays. Last season Bryan Stinespring turned in his second best year of work with respect to total offense (392 ypg, 5oth in the nation) and third best for scoring offense (31.85 ppg, 25th). It was the most points than VT had averaged since 2005, and most yards since the Bizarro-world season of 2003. Even more confounding, it met my own personal standards of acceptability. Prior to last season I set the bar for Stinespring at a top-50 total offense and a top-25 scoring offense, believe - as I'm sure did many - that there was no chance those numbers would be attained. To my surprise, Stinespring (barely) met both standards. Which left me, as an administrator of a blog calling for his ouster, in a bit of a personal pickle. Should we scale back FBS, I wondered. Call off the manhunt, if you will? Let bygones be bygones?

Um, no.

Stinespring has gone and done something that even I could have never seen coming: he proved that with an exceptionally talented roster, including one of the top three running backs in the nation, he could actually do his job. And in so doing, he has exponentially increased the expectations we and other Hokies should and will place upon him from this point forward. It would be one thing if the man were truly incompetent, a man so out of his league that it was laughable, because then we could simply excuse him with the understanding that he should have never been given the job in the first place. We could have chalked it up to a bad coaching hire and accepted him as the Michael Scott of college football: promotion from within gone as wrong as it possibly could. But now we're in a whole different arena.

Stinespring has shown Hokie Nation that he can actually do this job, and do it reasonably well. So now we're actually going to expect him to do it.

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