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We at FBS believe that offensive coordinator Bryan Stinespring bears the largest share of the blame for years of sub-par output from some of the most talented players ever to set foot on Worsham Field. We believe the main objective of the VT football program - a national championship - will escape us as long as Stinespring is making the calls. We therefore advocate the improvement of our football program through the replacement of our offensive coordinator.

Monday, August 31, 2009

The Weekend Watch List, FBS Style!

This Saturday marks the first and - quite possibly - the most important game for VT this season. I have little doubt that all of us here at FBS (including our newest recruit, FootballGirl) will be glued either to our TV sets at home or, for a lucky few, a seat in the Georgia Dome at about 8pm Eastern Time.

But what about the rest of the weekend?

With the NFL season kickoff still a week away at that point, and the final preseason games wrapping up on Friday night the NCAA is taking full advantage of the open weekend to peddle their collegiate wares. There are some fantastic looking games lined up for us to ogle at. Here’s just a few:

#16 Oregon at #14 Boise State - Thursday Sept 3rd, 10:15pm EST - ESPN -

The returning WAC Champion Broncos open their season hosting the 2008 Pac-10 runner-up Ducks on everyone’s favorite cyan surface: the infamous “Smurf Turf” in Bronco Stadium. The Broncos will be looking to show that they can still compete on the national stage without running back Ian Johnson. If I might provide a pre-game tip: adjust your TV’s color balance before kickoff.

Minnesota at Syracuse - Saturday Sept 5th, 12pm EST - ESPN2 -

While The Golden Gopher’s season opener at Syracuse may lack the national title implications of some of my other selections, I just can’t help but wonder what kind of quarterback two-story teabag-ee Greg Paulus will make (see included photo of VT's new basketball practice facility). Lucky for him, Deron Washington doesn’t play defensive end.

#13 Georgia at #9 Oklahoma State - Saturday Sept 5th, 3:30pm EST - ABC -

All three of my sisters went to Oklahoma State, so for the first time since I can remember, I’ll be watching the Cowboys because I want to, not because I have to. Zac Robinson & Co. look good this season, and not just because T. Boone Pickens bought them some new threads.

Charleston Southern at #1 Florida - Saturday Sept 5th, 7pm EST - ESPN360.com -

I know, I know... our beloved Hokies will be kicking off just an hour later, but don’t worry. I’m fairly certain that the 63-point favorite Gators will have this one wrapped up sometime before the end of the first quarter. Think of it like a game of Madden 2010. With 5-minute quarters on. Against your grandmother. Just trust me on this one - it’ll be over quickly.

#8 Mississippi at Memphis - Sunday Sept 6th, 3:30pm EST - ESPN -

What the hell else are you going to do? Seriously, though, the Rebels return Jevan Snead at QB and the explosive Dexter McCluster at RB. While the spread might not be as lopsided as Florida’s, it still should be a straight-up Ole Miss showcase.

Miami at #18 Florida State - Monday Sept 7th, 8pm EST - ESPN -

The Monday Night Football crew takes a week off while the ACC takes an early opportunity to beat up on itself. Look for a scrappy Miami team to at least make this a ballgame. I’m personally hoping Florida State softens them up a bit so they won’t be such a pain in the ass for us come week 4.

There should be plenty of college action going on all this weekend, so eat drink and be merry. And don’t forget to wear your Maroon.

Can We Really Reach the Promised Land In Spite of Stiney??

Warren Buffett has been quoted as saying something along the lines of, "make sure the fundamentals of the business you invest in are sound, because someday an idiot might be running that business. But, if the underlying fundamentals of the business really are sound, then the business will still be able to do well in spite of the fact that an idiot is running the business."

I think this is an appropriate analogy to this season's VT offense. I am fairly certain that outside of VT's offense in its lone championship game appearance, that this is the deepest and most talented offense VT has had. Actually, on paper, this VT offense could potentially be better but I am going to be cautiously optimistic about that happening until I see us play in some real games first.

The OL coach finally has "his guys" (sorry Stiney, but you were a poor OL coach and bad judge of OL talent overall with few exceptions in my humble opinion) and the OL has great depth at every position. Recruiting has also improved across the board at every single position. For the first time in over 6 yrs, the OL could actually be a strength of our offense EVERY GAME instead of once in awhile and our QB might be able to go through his progressions instead of running for his life most passing plays after 2-3 seconds. We are also STACKED at every single skill position despite the injury to star RB Darren Evans (Get well Darren!).

I also think it is pretty funny that some in the press are questioning Tyrod's ability to pass when he was not even supposed to be playing last season. But, I digress from my point. My point is that all of the positions on offense seem talented, deep in terms of depth and hungry to help this VT team accomplish what no other VT team has been able to accomplish before.

Put simply, the goal of this VT team is not to win an ACC Championship like it was the goal of last yr's VT team. This VT team has higher hopes. Much higher hopes in fact. Based on this yr's schedule, we will be tested early and often with Alabama, Nebraska and Miami in the first 4 games of the season. Alabama is no doubt the toughest first game VT has ever had to open up with besides playing the USC Trojans in DC back in 2004.

Before we actually get to see our team litmus tested against a top notch SEC team in primetime on ESPN in front of the entire country, I want to pose to everyone a question; can the VT offense have a great yr in spite of Stiney? Can a great, fundamentally sound business still do very well in spite of having a very poor manager running it? That's the question that has been burning inside of me all offseason long and come Saturday night, I will get a partial answer to my question.

This is all I want to say for now. Sorry to those of my other fellow Hokies that enjoyed reading my BLOG posts of the past on this site. I will be back from time to time to check in on things. It sucks being an adult instead of an undergrad college student, but that's life. I promise I have not flown the coop! I don't know about you all, but I cannot wait for Sat night! :-)

Hokiej88 Out!

(Reformatted for ease of reading by Illinois Hokie)

Five Reasons VT Beats Bama


Just like my kitchen, Alabama just isn't the same without Mr. Coffee.

Also gone is John Parker Wilson, his 2,273 passing yards and 10 touchdowns.
Not to say there isn't talent on the Tide. Returning is RB Mark Ingram, who actually had more rushing touchdowns than Coffee last season. And, of course, there's that guy Julio Jones.

Anyone who thinks our secondary cannot adequately defend Julio Jones, please raise your hand.

And now, if your hand is raised, please swipe it across your face quickly, in a slapping motion.

Not saying Jones will have a bad game. He might well find the end zone. But still, we are loaded at corner and safety. And someone is going to have to pass the ball toward Jones for him to make any spectacular grabs. Junior QB Greg McElroy will be making his first career start against the Hokie D, which ranks right up there with a root canal from an epileptic dentist on my list of fun things to try.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is it possible for the Hokies to beat Alabama?

So, Hokie Guru was kind enough to ask me to be a guest blogger here at FBS, and I hope that you guys don't mind hearing a little football talk from a girl. (Wink, wink).

I've been agonizing over the whether to feel confident about the Hokies going into this Alabama game, and I'm no closer to an answer. I posted this on my Football Girl blog today, trying to sort through this in my own mind. Seems like I go back and forth on my comfort level about this game.

The good thing is this: The Hokies are absolutely loaded with talent this year. Jason Worilds, Sergio Render, Tyrod Taylor, Stephan Virgil, Ryan Williams, David Wilson, Kam Chancellor. Wow. It's almost boggling. In terms of sheer talent, we are loaddddedddd. (That sounded better in my head than it looks spelled. Just say it slowly and drawn out, and you'll get the idea).

The bad, or possibly bad, is this: Raw talent does not victory make. There are a lot of questions that haven't yet been answered to my satisfaction, most of which center around our lack of an offense that can be described as any sort of ball of fire. I totally dig a kick ass defense, and it never disappoints, but WOW, imagine if we had an offense to go with it. Then, I wouldn't be feeling this apprehension right now.

So guys, convince me otherwise. Tell me that this is our year. Dazzle me with stats and smoke and mirrors. Cause I'm ready to jump up and down to Enter Sandman and start screaming.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Path to Pasadena

The preseason AP and coaches' polls are both out, and interestingly enough the top seven spots are identical, though if your clickin' finger is just too worn out from all the Alabama message board flaming (or porn) then I'll just repost those aforementioned seven spots here. If I get sued by the AP and/or coaches association, I'm holding you accountable.

1. Florida
2. Texas
3. Oklahoma
4. USC
5. Alabama
6. Ohio State
7. Virginia by-God Tech

It should be mentioned here that these rankings were finalized prior to word getting out that Darren Evans would be watching the season from the rehab department at Montgomery Regional Hospital. Eventually this simple instance of timing might be viewed as the single biggest stroke of luck in the 2009 season...or completely forgotten. Who knows? But more on that later.

The obvious question on everyone's mind is how does VT get from #7 to the BCS National Championship Game in Pasadena? And here, devoted reader, is the simple, straightforward answer. Come with me as we progress on a fantastic voyage through the 2009 football season.

We begin with the Hokies ranked #7. Since the Hokies are the consensus preseason #7 pick, and because the Harris poll very closely mirrors the coaches' poll, we're going to assume that translates to a #7 ranking in the BCS poll, which won't be available until week 8. Our goal here is to watch VT rise in the rankings to the #2 spot.

Why #2 instead of #1? Primarily because that's good enough to get in, and as the old adage goes, it doesn't matter how you get into the postseason, it just matters that you get in. Also, for the purpose of this little exercise, we're going to assume that Florida is going to do something that has never been done and will have an undefeated season (
God bless).

Now in case you haven't heard, we play Alabama in about a week and a half. So right off the bat, right out of the gate, right whatever other lame sports analogy you want to use, VT has the chance to climb one rung up the ladder. To say it's a must win in terms of getting to Pasadena is like saying we need Tyrod Taylor to stay healthy and become a better passer: a lobotomized chimpanzee could tell you as much. It's a hell of a way to start the season, sure, but no one else in 1A college football gets a chance to make a statement to the nation this early. Beamer, Taylor, et al., get the chance to set the tone for the 2009 season, and I'm talking about the NCAA season.

If you're reading this post after the Bama game and we lost, quit reading now. Seriously. It'll just depress you.

So after Bama VT sits at #6. Unless, of course, we dismantle the Tide, in which case we might jump OSU to #5. But we're going to be conservative here and assume a one spot jump.

The very next week - a week filled with empty shelves where Alka Seltzer boxes once sat in Blacksburg, I'm certain - the Trojans of USC (no condom jokes, please, we're a family site) hop a plane to Columbus, Ohio, to take on He of the Sweater Vest in the one game that is actually
more over-hyped than VT/Bama. The significance, of course, is that both are ranked ahead of the Hokies, which means VT jumps another spot one week later, assuming the Hokie hangover has been cured with a little fried chicken and tomato juice (seriously, it works) by the time the Marshall Thundering Herd comes to Lane Stadium for the home opener.

So by Sunday, Sept. 13, Beamer could be at the helm of a top-5 team. But wait, there's more. On October 17 VT can sail the Red River Rivalry to the #4 spot by virtue of a loss by either Texas or Oklahoma. A 7-0 start would practically guarantee the Hokies to move up a minimum of three spots in the rankings. So when the initial BCS rankings of the 2009 season debut after week 8, which is a bye week for Tech, the Hokies should be sitting at #4 and well within striking distance.

From here it gets a little tricky. There are no more matchups between two teams ranked higher than the Hokies, which means we have to examine each team's schedule for potential losses. And hey, I've got the time.

Texas, assuming they beat Oklahoma, play two other ranked teams in Oklahoma State(9) and Kansas(25). There are also potential trip-ups against Texas Tech and Colorado, the quasi-cultish rivalry game against Texas A&M, and the Big XII championship game, which could very likely wind up being against Nebraska.

Oklahoma beating Texas, meanwhile, would still leave the Sooners with four ranked opponents in BYU(20), Kansas(25), Nebraska(24), and Oklahoma State(9). They, too, could potentially sleep on Texas Tech, and would also face a test in the Big XII championship.

USC getting past Ohio State would mean the Trojans still have to deal with Cal(12), Notre Dame(23...seriously??? has anyone seen them play the last two years???) and Oregon(16).

Ohio State surviving the Trojans leaves the Buckeyes with Penn State(9) and Iowa(22) waiting in the wings, the always pesky Wisconsin Badgers, and the last-time-before-Turkey Day, mother of all college football rivalries with Michigan. Of course, it doesn't help the Hokies much that the Wolverines are probably gonna suck like a Kirby this year.

As you can see, there's plenty of potential slips for all the teams standing in the Hokies' way. However, assuming the nightmare scenario of multiple unbeaten teams, the one thing that distinguishes the '09 Hokies from the '99 Hokies is strength of schedule. VT plays four top-25 teams, two top-15 teams, and one top-5 team. Of the 8 unranked teams on the schedule, four of them received votes in the AP poll. There are no 1AA teams on the schedule, and of the two mid-majors scheduled for non-conference games only one of them sucks. In short, VT's schedule stacks up with just about anybody's.

All of this, and still essentially all talk of Virginia Tech as a national championship contender has fallen as silent as Lane Stadium when Darren Evans' knee went pop. No one thinks the Hokies can do it without their leading rusher from '08, which is understandable except when you consider that by the defense's own admission Evans wasn't even the best back on the team last season. Of course there's a lot riding on Ryan Williams, David Wilson, and, to a lesser extent, Josh Oglesby and Tony Gregory this season. The offense lost a lot when Evans went down, but if there was a position at which VT could afford a loss it was unquestionably the backfield. Hokie fans know this. That's why when I asked if we were screwed, 64% of you said no.

And now, returning to that timing issue I spoke of previously, it is no small good fortune that the rankings were finalized before Evans was lost, because VT would undoubtedly be ranked lower had the voters had knowledge of Evans' injury. As it stands now, the #7 ranking is a bit of an afterthought. It has an asterisk by it, if you will. It's where VT is ranked, but as far as anyone in the know in college football in concerned it's unearned. No one expects the Hokies to live up to it. Which would make it all the more impressive if they do. Because this is Virginia Tech, the team where a freshman broke a rushing record but the quarterback threw only two touchdown passes last season, where the run is as sacrosanct as it is on any team that doesn't run the option. To win without our leading rusher returning, now that's a statement, and one that
will only make those last two rungs on the ladder to Pasadena that much easier to climb.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tyrod Taylor - The Chosen One (via Youtube's Jwill0911)

One of the commenters here on the site, Bill, just provided this awesome Tyrod Taylor video (right here). Great job, Bill!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Today's scrimmage was...

well, awesome in my humble opinion.

TT looked good poised and threw some very good passes.
Ju-Ju definitely looked better than last week, threw one INT.
Logan Thomas, throws missiles on the field, however he still has a lot to learn. He looked a bit lost in situations that he had to keep the ball when there was no receiver available, slight hesitation before taking off cost some yards. He is young he will learn.

Our receivers can catch balls, the most announced name today Xavier Boyce, he made several catches for nice gains. Markus Davis made good play too.
Kickers, they all made their field goals, Waldron 4/4, we are solid imo.
Running game....
The shadow of Billy Hite has a name it is D. Wilson.. he did not play but was glued to Hite all the time.
Tony Gregory, oh boy I think we have a new exciting back in this guy. He is not flashy, he is not Husein Bolt, but he gains yards very consistently. Tony ran for a TD (~ 15-20 yards) on a trick play that no one on the stadium realized until he was 5 yards from the end zone, truly amazing.
Ryan Williams ran for a TD, on 1st and goal from ~5th yard.
Kenny Jefferson the full back ran for a TD.
We saw only one Wild Turkey play from the 5th yard line.Thank God Boone did not try and run through the middle, he ran wide left, he did not succeed, either the blocking was not very good or he was not fast enough. They showed what they wanted for the masses, the rest of the Wild Turkey is kept under wraps for a Sept. 5th surprise for Bama, that's my opinion.

Special teams, man oh man...
Blocked punt, Nubian Peak ran for 30ish + yard return, R. Williams did some shifty spinny moves for not much but very entertaining return.He got almost de-pantied 3 times during the return too.

well we are solid, the name I heard the most by the announcer was Barquel Rivers (pardon my spelling), he seems to plug all holes and stop people from gaining yards, he is a machine.
Virgil batted down a pass by Clayton and could have very well taken this to the house had he been able to hold on to the ball. The interception Ju-Ju threw was returned for good 30 -40 yards.
TT threw a nice 20iish yard fade in the end zone right on the money but the pass was broken by whoever the defenred was, right out of the hands of the receiver (Coale I think). Clean play , very nice.
Curious Zack Lucket was mentioned on a tackle, so it looks like he is still on the team ?

Sigh, we are Virginia Tech,
and because of that we can never have 100% positive going on for us. There always has to be something negative hanging over our heads..
R. Williams got hurt when he ran for a TD. He was spinning while going in came out limping a bit.
He was benched with an ice pack on his ankle. Now I have had my share of ankle sprains in many years of playing basketball, and the way it looked its nothing serious. The pack was on the inside of his ankle but above the joint, pretty much on the shin. We will see what the report is , and hope for the best.

Well here you have it, I can't wait for Kyle Tucker's full scrimmage stats to come out tonight.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Logan Thomas a year away?

Rivals is reporting that Logan Thomas will redshirt, which means one of the two offensive crown jewels of the 2008 recruiting class won't see the field until 2010. (The other offensive crown jewel, David Wilson, has been told by Billy Hite that he will play in '09.)

It's a shame we'll all have to wait a year to see what Thomas is capable of, but in general I think redshirting this potentially phenomenal talent is the right call, especially if the coaches are serious about playing L.T. at the quarterback position. I think no small amount of the struggles Tyrod Taylor has had over his first two seasons are attributable to the coaches not giving him a year to observe and adapt to this level of football.

What is everyone's opinion on a Logan Thomas redshirt?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stinespring's Performance Crucial to 2009 Season

Loss of Darren Evans Increases Need for Offensive Creativity

Note: This guest blog post brought to you by the author of Relatively Journalizing, as a follow-up to this previous post.

Perhaps the first thing that popped into every Hokie fan's mind when news of sophomore RB Darren Evans' ACL injury reached the public was "we're screwed." But that's just a football fan's general reaction to such news, and it's all part of the ups and downs we've all come to love in the ongoing drama that is college football. In reality, as much as we wish Evans a speedy recovery and recognize his incendiary talent, one player does not make a football team (with the exception of Tim Tebow, if you ask anyone in the SEC except for Steve Spurrier).

All hope is not lost, and while the talk of a national championship is quickly fading in terms of the Hokies, there is no reason to count Virginia Tech out when it comes to another ACC championship and perhaps even an Orange Bowl win. On the other hand, a fair look at the team will reveal that the loss of Evans is not the only potential season-threatening factoid to come out of Blacksburg — but there are also plenty of reasons to still consider the Hokies as a darkhorse contender for that final BCS bowl game of the year. (Special teams have to get better, right? Coach Frank Beamer has said this might be one of his best units, a definite good thing after being out Beamerballed quite a bit last year by teams such as ECU.)

Take a look at the recent scrimmage, for example. Starting QB Tyrod Taylor threw up an INT. Now, maybe the Hokie defense is just that good, but with what we saw last year from T-Mobile and the receiving corps, reports from the pratice field just don't echo that there has been enough improvement in the passing game to make up for VT's less-than-spectacular offensive performances in the last couple of years. Of course, Hokie fans hope that T-Mobile and WRs come out and prove those who are uncertain wrong — but is the Georgia Dome, against Alabama, the best place to come out and try to work out the bugs?

That all depends on the playcalling. More on that in a moment.

What's still going well for VT? Let's face it, the Hokies lost a guy who rushed for 1,265 yards and 11 TDs in Darren Evans. But do you need to be reminded that Evans was a freshman? So who is to say that David Wilson or Ryan Williams can't do the same this year? We already know, in scrimmage situations at least, that Williams has the potential to be a spectacular kick returner, a position at which the Hokies have needed some explosiveness since the departure of Eddie Royal. Williams was rated by ESPN as the number four RB in the country when he committed to the Hokies out of high school. This guy rushed for almost 1,600 yards his junior year of high school before sitting out some of his senior year because of an injury. David Wilson, on the other hand, rushed for 2,300 yards his senior season of high school, including 35 TDs. He was also named MVP in the Junior World Championship, helping USA bring home the gold with his 8 TDs in that series.

And let's not forget about the veteran (if you can call him that): Josh Oglesby. Now, sure, he's only rushed a hanful of times for 88 yards. But he did see time under the lights of the Orange Bowl, and even that minimal experience will be key come Sept. 5. Another fun fact: Oglesby has never racked up negative yardage in a game. (Is Sean Glennon's -172 career rushing yards an NCAA record? I'll have to check that one out some time.)

The big factor is the aforementioned one — how will the inexperienced players on the roster, especially in skill positions, perform under the stress of the Georgia Dome and thousands of deep southerners screaming profanities with drawls that only Nick Saban will understand (because he's from my home state of West Virginia, of course)?

But the even bigger factor, aside from all the worries about running backs, wide receivers' hands and Tyrod's improvements in decision making (Or lack thereof? This remains to be seen.) is the one you've all been waiting for — Bryan Stinespring. Now, we'll all feel pretty stupid if we read the "Fire Bryan Stinespring" blog and then he comes out and gets the offense ranked in the top 10 this season. Heck, I think the Hokie Nation would see anywhere above top-100 mark as an improvement. However, does Stinespring have the creativity in his bones to make something happen this year? The run-up-the-middle-with-your-worst-running-back-on-fourth-down and Stinescreen calls have to end somewhere. The predictability has to end somewhere. If VT wants to compete outside of the ACC, where a great defense and clock management can win you the game, the Hokies must find an offensive coordinator who can keep up in shootouts with SEC and Big 12 schools such as the Texas' and Floridas of the world.

The Hokies still have plenty going for them, and the ACC should be a lock as long as Taylor stays healthy (yeah, I know, you probably wish I hadn't brought that up). But Alabama and a national title run? That'll all depend on the Crimson Tide's new QB and offensive line, along with a slew of other things. That's collge football, it's all about variables. And until the season really gets under way for the Hokies Sept. 5, it's all speculation.

So if this blog post didn't give you the definitive reassurance for which you were looking, just don't get too upset. Really, there's still a lot of excitement surrounding the football program at Virginia Tech this season. But if the Tide show us up next month, just try to watch your language in the midst of your frustration — nobody wants to see Beamer write you a fine.


Lesson of the Day: Just because Beamer says it's true, doesn't make it so. I know, it's blasphemy, but Beamer is such a nice, classy guy, that he'll defend any of his buddies until the end. Remember this guy? That's Sean Glennon, who Beamer said until the end would make it as an NFL quarterback. The Vikings cut him (after he came in undrafted) in June, ending his NFL career before it ever really started. Stinespring needs to prove himself with numbers on the board, not just to a friend and colleague such as Beamer.

You can find Josh DeLung writing on Relatively Journalizing, e-mail him at joshuadelung [at] gmail [dot] com, follow him on Twitter as @joshuadelung or friend him on Facebook. Or, you can challenege him to a game of NCAA 10 and see how your football skills matchup on Xbox Live — just friend him as user "Thunder Hokie".

Monday, August 17, 2009

Beamer blessing swearing with fines

As reported on the Gobbler Country, Frank Beamer fined several coaches for profanity during practice.

I like the move, curious what other people think?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A few quick notes from Saturday scrimmage

I was most impressed by #3 (Logan Thomas ), he threw the only TD pass today, and had some good plays. He is like one head above everyone else, and he has some speed too he ran several times and one of the runs was for 10-15 yards gain. Jake unfortunately threw an interception in the end zone of the last play for today.

Ju-Ju Clayton, had good moments , but had trouble with long passes.

TT threw 2 int's but had several good plays, I am kind of disappointed to me it looks like he still needs to work on accuracy.

The kicking game I thought was pretty good, 2 missed FG out of 6-7 attempts, one from ~50 yards, one from the left hash mark ~35 yards.
the running game was decent but no wows from our Rbs except the one punt return by R. Williams where he breezed through the cover unit.

Andre Smith had a chance to make 3 very big plays for 10+ yards, he dropped the first two passes, but caught the last.
In a 3 and 25( or close) situation, Logan Thomas threw a pass that hanged in the air for longer than optimal, but was caught by the receiver for ~30 yard gain.

I'll let those that understand football much better than me to break it down in detail.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Michael Vick signs with the Philly Eagles!!!!!!!!!!!

A good satire is always fun to read

And now THIS is worth the reading (hat tip - Fight for Old DC)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What a difference a shredded ACL makes...

First things first, pardon my recent absence from the site. For one thing, the missus and I are completely renovating our downstairs and that has been consuming all my free time. For another, I mysteriously lost my dialtone about a week ago, and my DSL immediately followed suit (though, strangely, for about 24 hours I had DSL without a dialtone...weird), and my phone company only got me up and running yesterday evening. But the IH is back and better than ever.

Now, to the bad news.


I shall now briefly pause and observe the muffled sobs.

What this means, of course, is we're out our leading rushing from '08. It also means that if he can get his act together after showing up to summer camp out of shape, Ryan Williams has a fair shot at starting in his first game as a Hokie. At the moment Josh Oglesby is listed as the number two tailback (which makes him the de facto starter now that Evans is out), but Williams has every opportunity to win back that spot like he did over the summer.

I think we can all also agree that the chances of true freshman David Wilson finding the field this season just went up about a billion percent.

So what does this mean for the '09 season, losing Evans with three and a half weeks until 'Bama? Do we have faith that Oglesby, Williams, and - if needed - Wilson can fill the void effectively, or are we at a significant disadvantage now?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Four Weeks...

Four weeks remain until the Chic-fil-a Kickoff versus Alabama.
28 days remain for the Hokies to prepare for their highly anticipated season, and possibly a National Title run.
672 hours remain for Tyrod & Co. to set their formations, learn their routes, and solidify the team.
40,320 minutes remain for Jason Worilds & Co. to become the monsterous unit that Bud Foster builds year in and year out.
2,419,200 seconds until the Stiney either puts up, or shuts up.

He's got a lot of time left to use. Lets see if he uses it wisely.

-BigTony and The FBS Team

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