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We at FBS believe that offensive coordinator Bryan Stinespring bears the largest share of the blame for years of sub-par output from some of the most talented players ever to set foot on Worsham Field. We believe the main objective of the VT football program - a national championship - will escape us as long as Stinespring is making the calls. We therefore advocate the improvement of our football program through the replacement of our offensive coordinator.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

WTF is going on with our Bbal team?

I wonder if our team deflated permanently for the rest of the season? We can't score, can't defend, again can't score free throws... Delaney had an off night, ok but Vassallo did not show up for a second game in a row, and defensive rebounding was just horrible...
Hope we can bounce back and finish the season strong.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Lanford Collins is a Hokie

Despite claiming that he would keep mum about his decision until National Signing Day, standout defensive end Lanford Collins has made public his choice of schools. By all accounts Collins had an excellent visit to Blacksburg on January 23rd, and it probably didn't hurt that he was recruited by the big man himself, Bud Foster.

Collins looks to compete for playing time immediately, and there's a good chance that Frank and Bud won't even bother thinking about a redshirt. It's almost a certainty now that Bruce Taylor will move back to linebacker, where he played his high school ball and admittedly feels more comfortable. With Collins on the line and Taylor and Quillie Odom in the linebacking corps things are looking promising for the Lunch Pail Crew.

Also, the IH is glad to see Collins commit to Tech because now there is no debate than Jayron Hosley is indeed our biggest remaining target... (Ha ha, just kidding ebj.) Hosley is actually taking his official to Blacksburg today (January 30), and his host is reported to be either Stephan Virgil or Macho Harris. With Collins in the bag, you can bet the whole defensive coaching staff (and probably the offensive staff, too) will be focused completely on swaying Hosley.

But for the moment, the IH just wants to bask in the glow of another fine recruiting success.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Malcom Delaney = God

Someone please tell me how the HELL Delaney dropped that 50 footer...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Seven Days till Signing Day

The IH is well aware that at the moment all focus is fixed on our suddenly surging hoops team. And rightfully so. My fat ass will be glued to the edge of my couch tomorrow night as Greeny leads the boys to yet another impressive ACC win. But let us not forget that this is a pivotal moment in the offseason for our football team.

National Signing Day, which the IH contends should be a national (if not religious) holiday, is one week away, and I think it's appropriate to pause between smoking the turkey legs and burning the tiger in effigy to take stock of what the Blacksburg recruiting machine was able to accomplish so far, and what other prospects are still out there.

With only a week left the 2009 recruiting class is essentially full. We have thus far received 20 verbal commitments (according to Rivals). That breaks down to seven offensive recruits, nine defensive recruits, three players listed as "athletes," one kicker, and a partridge in a pear tree. For those of you that, like the IH, are enamored with the inexact science of rating recruits, Rivals is claiming that VT is getting four 4-star recruits, thirteen 3-star recruits, and three 2-star recruits.

In short, another fine recruiting class by Beamer and company. Of course, Bud Foster will turn those 2 and 3 star defensive players into all-conference defenders, while Bryan Stinespring will turn his 3 and 4 star offensive talent into a high school jayvee squad, but what can ya do?

Taking a bit more in-depth look at things:

Biggest Get: Logan Thomas (WR/TE/QB/FS/ATH)
No question here. LT is the sort of football player that can play just about any position well. The five positions jokingly listed after his name are each legitimate projections from people whose job it is to figure out where a high school player will fit in at the next level. Rivals rated him as the #1 tight end in the country despite the fact that he hasn't lined up at that position in three years. His 6'6" size makes him a promising target, though his 4.65 time in the 40 doesn't make him much of a speed threat. A nice bonus with Thomas is that he played starting QB his junior and senior years of high school, making him a prime candidate to succeed Greg Boone in the Wild Turkey and gives Beamer and Stiney a legitimate "panic" QB should both Tyrod Taylor and Ju Ju Clayton go down to injury.

Biggest Miss: Kevin Newsome (QB)
Again, no question. Despite the whispers in Blacksurg that Ju Ju Clayton is showing promise to become a Bryan Randall-eque field general (fitting, ain't it, that with the comparisons between T-Mobile and Vick that Taylor's backup would be compared to Randall?) the fact remains that one of the most pressing needs in this recruiting class was a quality QB. Kevin Newsome was by no means a sure thing - out of the elite 11 he was unquestionably the one most rough around the edges. But Newsome shows great promise and will no doubt be an asset to JoePa in Happy Valley. There really was no reason for K-New not to pick VT. He grew up rooting for the Hokies and came out of high school that has long been on friendly terms with Frank Beamer. Oh, yeah, there is that little problem of a 107th ranked offense...

Biggest WTF?!?: Tony Gregory, Nubian Peak, and David Wilson (RBs)
How the HELL do we keep bringing in top-notch running backs? Do these people not realize they're going to be umpteenth on the depth chart, just by virtue of how many tailbacks we currently have? Tony Gregory was actually a holdover from the 2008 recruting class. He failed to make the cut academically and did a year at Fork Union. Nubian Peak is from nearby Pulaski, and is probably willing to wait to play for his favorite team. But the biggest head-scratcher is undoubtedly David Wilson, who is rated as the #4 running back in the nation. The IH is certainly not complaining, but with this embarassment of riches the IH can certain envision redshirts, moves to fullback or wideout, and potential transfers looming in the future.

Biggest Remaining Target: Jayron Hosley (CB)
Hosley is a Rivals 250 cornerback who would stand to be the next in a long line of great Hokie defensive backs. Virginia Tech has made Hosley's (extremely) short list. The only other school he is considering is South Florida. The problem there is that Hosley is from Delray Beach, Florida, so USF is much closer to home for him. And personally the IH finds trying to convince anyone to give up the beach to endure Blacksburg winters a hard sell. If Torrian Gray manages to lock down Hosley, however, that will make two top notch corners in this recruiting class, having already locked down 4-star prospect Jerrodd Williams.

Honorable Mention: Rene Howard (LB)
Howard also wins the "Where The Hell Did THIS Guy Come From?" Award. A 4-star prospect from Milford Academy in New Berlin, NY, Howard's name has only appeared on VT's target list in the last week. VT is the only school on his list, he does not have an offer from us and does not have a visit scheduled. If we can land a 4-star linebacker with no effort on our part, it's all good with the IH.

And Now For Something Completely Different: Tajh Boyd (QB)
Never a serious target for VT (Stinespring put all his eggs in Kevin Newsome's basket) Tajh Boyd wins the award for Most Schizophrenic Recruit. Having committed, at times, to both West Virginia and Tennessee, only to pull out of both schools, Boyd waited almost to the last minute to decide he was going to indeed matriculate at an ACC school, declaring he would become a Clemson Tiger. This pleases the IH to no end, knowing that we might get up to six chances to break the hopes and beat the crap out of this prick. Our offense might not have been up to snuff for you, Boyd, but let's see what you think of our defense.

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled basketball hysteria.

EDIT: Lansford Collins (LB) has made a decision
Lanford Collins, whom ebj believes would be a bigger get than Jayron Hosley, has made a verbal commitment, according to the Fredricksburg Free Lance-Star. In true late-decider fashion, however, Collins is keeping mum on his choice until National Signing Day. Let's keep our fingers crossed, people.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Michael Vick to the San Francisco 49ers?

Adam Schefter, NFL Network blogger, thinks so. You can see his blog right here. Apparently, the 49ers execs interviewed several coaches (including Dan Reeves) from Michael Vick's past. Further, the 49ers just signed former Virginia Tech Hokie corner back, Jimmy Williams.

Your thoughts?

Here are mine: If the 49ers sign Michael Vick, I am going to watch him in person in San Francisco because my aunt lives in Sausalito, CA.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Add a name to our '09 hit list...

Yahoo! Sports reports that ECU QB Patrick Pinkney has been granted a medical hardship waver and will be allowed a sixth year of eligibility. Pinkney will be the starting QB when the Hokies head down to Greenville to play ECU on September 26.

If I were Pinkney I'd enjoy my first three games of the '09 season, because with the chip on our shoulder we'll be bringing down to Greenville his game against us might very well be the last of his college career.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Welcome to a tie for second in the ACC.

The way we were shooting free throws late in the second half the IH thought we might be in for another heartbreak at the buzzer, but Greeny and the boys just knocked off the number one team in the country on their own court.

How's that for a quality win, bay-bee?!?!

HOKIE GURU UPDATE - 10:35 PM EST, 1/21/2009




Thursday, January 15, 2009

Logan Thomas will be a wide receiver at VT.

The IH just wanted to clear something up.

A few of the responses to the question about Sam Wheeler talked about Logan Thomas playing at tight end. Rivals.com lists LT as the no. 1 tight end. However, LT hasn't played a snap at that position for three years. He's QB at Brookville High and will be playing flanker for the Hokies. One of the factors in deciding on VT was the promise of playing wideout rather than tight end.

One thing MadJay talked about in his response was LT replacing Boone in the Wild Turkey. That idea has some merit. LT looks good in his highlights. Granted, it's against high school competition, but Thomas has more weapons than Boone does. He can throw a mid-range pass and hand the ball off, for starters. As a senior he threw for 1,535 yards and 20 touchdowns while adding 842 yards and 11 touchdowns on the ground. Obviously this is not starting-QB-like numbers, but his skill set could definitely expand the Wild Turkey into a legitimate offensive scheme rather than the gimmick it currently is.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What Stiney has done to me and Sean Glennon

Since I started at college at VT in 2002, I have blamed various factors for our offensive ineptitude - our running backs, our offensive line, and our quarterbacks (especially Sean Glennon) - but I eventually saw the light following our Orange Bowl blunder vs. Kansas. Stiney was to blame.

And he still is to blame, if for no other reason than because he has made me acutely aware of our skill position players in the 3rd, 4th and even 5th string for the past 6 years. Names like Noel, Goff, Whittaker, Holt, Candelas, Pickle, Cheeseman, Clayton, Bell and Hamilton (remember, he was a TB before moving to FS) have been etched into my brain. He has hypnotized me into thinking that by some cosmic error, we have the next Michael Vick or Kevin Jones sitting the bench. I mean they have to be.


We put together great recruiting classes year after year, and yet our starting lineup will often look like a pee-wee team facing the varsity - slow, weak, and undersized getting run over, picked off, or stripped like a co-ed on amatuer night. We, as fans, have become conditioned to look to the next generation (or beyond) for support and offensive productivity. Chants of "we want Ike!", or "Mar-cus!" have echoed in Lane Stadium for years, and while the horribly naiive student body continues to think it's their uniformed fellow students who are failing them, it has, in fact, been Stiney the whole time. He fails to play to the strengths of his players, and that puts them in the unfortunate position of looking like they are failing at their position.

The worst case of this has been Sean Glennon. He was stuck behind a line who couldn't protect him and give him time to work. Had he been able to take 3-5 seconds in the pocket, I seriously think he would have been a good (not great) QB. He had the arm strength, and the understanding of the game to make good decisions, but he was rushed in almost every decision he ever made by multiple 275 lb D-linemen bearing down on him. I don't care who you are - in those conditions, no QB can make good decisions 100% of the time. This is why Whittaker and Taylor were (at least initially) poor alternatives to Glennon. Neither had the mind to make safe decisions behind an inept O-line, and so the task was left to Glennon.

Sean Glennon became the whipping boy for aggrivated VT football fans. While I was one of many who chastised him (even to his face a couple of times), I think the person who owes him an apology is Stiney. He failed in producing a capable O-line to protect him. He built a package that poorly utilized the now-obvious talent he had at WR, and he failed to implement the type of plays designed to protect him from the physical beatings he took week after week.

I think Sean Glennon could have been a good backup in the NFL, but his career is likely over because his coach was too dumb to see the potential of the players at his disposal.

Where is Sam Wheeler?

Not so much a post here as a question.

The IH was wondering if anyone knows what is up with tight end Sam Wheeler? Hokiesports.com says he played in four games this season, but he had no receptions and the IH doesn't remember ever hearing his name mentioned. Are there lingering problems with his ACL?

Monday, January 12, 2009

It's gonna be hard to fly under the radar...

Rivals.com, which the IH vastly prefers over Scout.com when it comes to the inexact science of rating recruiting classes and projecting success in college football, has released the first of many absurdly early 2009 top 25 polls.

The Hokies are ranked 7th. Accoding to Rivals, "The Hokies look as if they will be the class of the ACC. The defense always will be good, and if QB Tyrod Taylor becomes a better passer, the offense actually could be dangerous."

A few points here...

1) We've been the class of the ACC for five years now, but still, nice to hear out of a major media institution.

2) The defense shouldn't be good, it should be great. Losing Macho hurts, of course, but Stephan Virgil showed huge upside and promises to be more than adequate. The IH assumes that, like Harris before him, Virgil will switch from field corner to boundary, which makes the big question in the secondary whether or not Rashaad Carmichael is ready to start. The other key losses (assuming no juniors go) are Brett Warren, Purnell Sturdivant, and Orion Martin. Of the three, Martin hurts the worst (how about that pick against Cincy from the big man?), but there is plenty of talent with considerable playing time to fill the holes. It will be intesting to see if redshirt freshman Bruce Taylor, a very highly regarded recruit from Myrtle Beach, earns a starting spot. All of that aside, the IH fully expects the '09 Lunch Pail Crew to be and upgrade from the 2008 model.

3) In regards to this and all other criticism of Tyrod's passing game, how many dropped passes did we see this year, especially early on? The line from the coaching staff is that Tyrod is a very accurate passer, and the IH, for one, believes it. Tyrod's accuracy actually went up in '08, and next year should break 60%. The thing T-Mobile needs to work on is throwing into coverage, as his interceptions more than doubled this year. The receiving corps. will be upgraded next year, so Tyrod should improve.

Long story short, if the AP and Coaches' polls look like the Rivals poll to start next season, the Hokies will be in great position out of the gate.

Finally, it should be of interest to FBS readers that Rivals currently has Alabama at 8th, which, for those of you who struggle with math, is one spot lower than the Hokies.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Pressing Questions of 2009

Let the IH begin by saying that at the start of the 2008 season I thought our streak of 10+ win seasons was surely over. We had lost the two-headed monster of Vince Hall and Xavier Adibi, the receiving corps. had been eviscerated, and Tyrod Taylor was redshirting. (I said at the start of the season, remember). Fourteen games and one shredded redshirt later we find ourselves once again among the elite company of double-digit winners. And we finally got that BCS monkey off our backs.

Let the hype for next season begin.

As the IH sees it, 2009 is indeed a year of promise for the Hokies. The IH is, however, rational to his core, and in analyzing our prospects for 2009 I find the answer to whether or not we will achieve greatness will come down to answering 7 questions.

1) Will we beat Alabama?
I almost phrased this question "Can we beat Alabama?" But that's a pointless question. There is no doubt we can beat Alabama. The IH truly believes the Hokies can beat any team in 1A football. But the 2009 kickoff is going to be especially tough. Alabama's returning players and its entire coaching staff are going to have a bad taste in their mouths all offseason after getting pwned by a mid-major. The Crimson Tide will no doubt be "up" for their first game of the 2009 season, and despite how well Hokie Nation travels, the fact that this game is being played in the heart of SEC country probably means the Hokies will be playing in front of a hostile crowd. After Alabama the schedule lines up very nicely. Our hopes might very well rest on the first game of the season.

2) Is Ryan Williams for real?
Not that we really need a running back. Darren Evans (can we please get this guy a nickname?) was so good as a freshman it was just stupid. The IH would be A-okay with having Evans as our only tailback for the next three seasons. Except for the fact that Ryan Williams is supposed to be next level, a game changer, Jesus in cleats. That sort of thing. If that pans out, the run threat of a Williams/Evans backfield should open up the passing game nicely. Which brings us to...

3) Will Logan Thomas and DJ Coles be able to contribute immediately?
In a way I sort of feel sorry for Danny Coale. Toward the end of the season he had sort of emerged as the go to target for Taylor. Next season he'll be working his ass off to secure the third receiver position. The IH is very excited about D.J. Coles, but Logan Thomas promises to be a Larry Fitzgerald/Calvin Johnson type of receiver. Plus he played QB in high school, which opens up the possibility of some trick packages that utilize his passing skills. It also doesn't hurt that the guy is like eight feet tall. Finally we have a receiver that we can throw a fade route to.

4) Can Tyrod stay healthy?
There was much talk throughout the season of Tyrod's supposed regression. The IH respectfully offers a difference of opinion here. Tyrod didn't regress, he just had no one to throw to. He played his best football in the last three games of the season, once the offense had finally started to gel a bit. (True, he had an absolute meltdown against Duke immediately preceeding that, but all QBs have bad games. He obviously learned quite a bit from that disaster and moved on.) The IH expects significant improvement out of T-Mobile in his junior year, but with Ju Ju Clayton in the number two spot the success of the 2009 campaign rests solely on the bodily wellbeing of Tyrod Taylor. I will say, in Tyrod's defense, it was good to see him take some hits late in the season and bounce right back without even missing a play. It seemed like he was learning how to take hits at this level. And hopefully (dear God, please) the passing game and offensive line will both improve, reducing the number of broken play scrambles that generally lead to the awkward tackles that take Tyrod out of games.

5) Can we find a kicker?
Anyone remember how Shayne Graham somehow seemed to play at VT for like nine years? Hell, does anyone remember when we were actually able to keep the same kicker two years in a row? For the third year in a row we will have a starting kicker who's new to the job. Simply glancing at the depth chart (the IH doesn't really keep up on the performance of our backup placekickers) I'd guess the starter will be Jeff Beyer, simply because he'll be a senior, so we'd only have him for one year. Let's be honest, we're going to need some field goals in 2009. Don't we always? So Frank better find someone who can deliver. He's done a decent job of it the last two years.

6) Will Beamer be comfortable going after kicks again?
We needs us some Beamerball if we're going to go all the way. It really is that simple.

7) Will Bryan Stinespring finally get his head out of his ass?
Will we get the Bryan Stinespring from the first ten games of 2008, or the Stiney that closed out the season? Will he embrace the new talent on offense and build a scheme around them, or continue to use his traditional "one size fits all" approach? Will he develop the Wild Turkey into a legitimate offensive package rather than an overdressed run up the middle by a massive tight end? And will he finally be able to overcome his ineptitude in the red zone?

If all of these questions are answered in the afirmative, pack your bags for Pasadena.

Just when you thought it was safe...

There is turmoil in Chestnut Hill, my friends.

Jagoff has been shown the door for choosing to explore career options in the NFL. That, in and of itself, makes the IH chuckle. There are few coaches in major college football that the IH likes less than Jagodzinski.

That being said, doesn't it stand to reason that, after being burned like this, Gene Defilippo will look for a head coach known for loyalty? And who better to loot a coach from than the program that has crushed your hopes two years running?

Spaziani seems the most likely replacement for Jagoff, since he knows the system and is already liked by the players, but the IH is getting paranoid. Every time a coaching position opens up, especially in the ACC, the IH is just certain Bud Foster's going to be packing his bags.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Thank You, Hulu!

For anyone who missed any or all of the Orange Bowl (Like me: I passed out during halftime because I had strep throat), Hulu.com has posted the game in it's entirety.

I'll spend a few days dissecting it in my free time, and hopefully I'll have a thorough review for you guys in the next couple of weeks.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Official FBS Orange Bowl Festivus Post: Airing of Grievances Edition

I thought it might be cool to set up a post specifically for us FBSer's to respond to before, during and after the game tonight. Post your thoughts, your complaints, your praises and really anything that crosses your mind in relation to tonight's game.

I plan on trying to post throughout the game, but I'm feeling a tad bit under the weather, so don't fault me if I don't tow the line as much as the rest of you.

My keys to win: 

Turnover Margin - We've been fantastic in the TM so far this season (due mostly to the defense being able to take the ball away so often), and we're up against a team that has maintained a winning record despite coughing up the ball 26 times this season.

Tyrod Taylor - A large portion of our success will be based on the success or failure of this young man. His decisions in the pocket could easily mean the difference between a sack and a large gain.

The Line of Scrimmage - With a relatively untested Jaymes Brooks filling in for Sergio Render, who switched over to cover Nick Marshman's vacated starting spot, we could be in for a tough game down front. As a defensive coordinator, I know I would throw every stunt and blitz I have at this kid to try and expose his weaknesses early on. Some staff have suggested that if he isn't up to the task, we may see Ryan Shuman move out to Guard, and Beau Warren come in at center. Not exactly the best place and time to be playing musical chairs here, Stiney...

Go Hokies!!!

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