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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Today's scrimmage was...

well, awesome in my humble opinion.

TT looked good poised and threw some very good passes.
Ju-Ju definitely looked better than last week, threw one INT.
Logan Thomas, throws missiles on the field, however he still has a lot to learn. He looked a bit lost in situations that he had to keep the ball when there was no receiver available, slight hesitation before taking off cost some yards. He is young he will learn.

Our receivers can catch balls, the most announced name today Xavier Boyce, he made several catches for nice gains. Markus Davis made good play too.
Kickers, they all made their field goals, Waldron 4/4, we are solid imo.
Running game....
The shadow of Billy Hite has a name it is D. Wilson.. he did not play but was glued to Hite all the time.
Tony Gregory, oh boy I think we have a new exciting back in this guy. He is not flashy, he is not Husein Bolt, but he gains yards very consistently. Tony ran for a TD (~ 15-20 yards) on a trick play that no one on the stadium realized until he was 5 yards from the end zone, truly amazing.
Ryan Williams ran for a TD, on 1st and goal from ~5th yard.
Kenny Jefferson the full back ran for a TD.
We saw only one Wild Turkey play from the 5th yard line.Thank God Boone did not try and run through the middle, he ran wide left, he did not succeed, either the blocking was not very good or he was not fast enough. They showed what they wanted for the masses, the rest of the Wild Turkey is kept under wraps for a Sept. 5th surprise for Bama, that's my opinion.

Special teams, man oh man...
Blocked punt, Nubian Peak ran for 30ish + yard return, R. Williams did some shifty spinny moves for not much but very entertaining return.He got almost de-pantied 3 times during the return too.

well we are solid, the name I heard the most by the announcer was Barquel Rivers (pardon my spelling), he seems to plug all holes and stop people from gaining yards, he is a machine.
Virgil batted down a pass by Clayton and could have very well taken this to the house had he been able to hold on to the ball. The interception Ju-Ju threw was returned for good 30 -40 yards.
TT threw a nice 20iish yard fade in the end zone right on the money but the pass was broken by whoever the defenred was, right out of the hands of the receiver (Coale I think). Clean play , very nice.
Curious Zack Lucket was mentioned on a tackle, so it looks like he is still on the team ?

Sigh, we are Virginia Tech,
and because of that we can never have 100% positive going on for us. There always has to be something negative hanging over our heads..
R. Williams got hurt when he ran for a TD. He was spinning while going in came out limping a bit.
He was benched with an ice pack on his ankle. Now I have had my share of ankle sprains in many years of playing basketball, and the way it looked its nothing serious. The pack was on the inside of his ankle but above the joint, pretty much on the shin. We will see what the report is , and hope for the best.

Well here you have it, I can't wait for Kyle Tucker's full scrimmage stats to come out tonight.

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