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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wicked Hardcore Defense

To follow up on my previous post about our talent on offense, I wanted to let everyone know how Rivals thinks our defensive personnel stack up against the rest of the ACC.

According to Rivals, this season VT has the:

#1 Defensive Lineman (Jason Worilds)
#4 Linebacker (Cody Grimm)
#3 Defensive Back (Kam Chancellor)
#5 Defensive Back (Stephan Virgil)

in the ACC, with John Graves picking up an Honorable Mention on the defensive line.

As a brief aside, I would just like to state for the record that in terms of raw talent and ability, Jason Worilds is the best defensive lineman we've seen at VT since Bruce Smith, and if Worilds had managed to avoid the shoulder injuries that have plagued him throughout his college career there is a very small, distantly remote, outside chance that Worilds might have conceivably come somewhat close to surpassing the legend. (You gotta be careful when making comparisons to the Great One.)

There's no shortage of talent on defense, to be sure. But really, even if we were fielding a high school jayvee roster, is there any doubt Bud Foster would turn in a top-10 defense?

Also wanted to pass along that Rivals says VT has the #2 specialist in the ACC in Brent Bowden, but that's not really news. Bowden's a hell of a punter. The question on special teams this year is, what kind of a kicking game are we going to have?

EDIT: Also just noticed this, but compare the numbers in this post and my previous post to Big Tony's breakdown of Rivals' top-25 lists for all of college football, and you'll notice that the two sets of rankings are incongruous. The ACC rankings, for example, put Cody Grimm at #4 at LB, but the NCAA-wide top-25 list puts him at #3. The biggest disparity is in the ranking of the DB's, with both Kam Chancellor and Stephan Virgil making the top-5 in the ACC rankings while both are omitted from the national top-25.

Not that positional rankings are by any means definitive, but you'd think that rankings coming out of the same organization would at least agree with themselves. Probably just a difference of opinion between the national correspondent and the ACC correspondent, but interesting nonetheless.

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