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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rich beyond our wildest dreams.

Hello, all.

Hockey season is over in Chicago (one tear) and Carlos Zambrano apparently forgot to take his meds. Yet in all that excitement I somehow found the time for this update.

I just wanted to pass along to you, faithful FBSers, that so far, through the site's gmail account, we have won and/or been offered a share of:

1. $8,500,000 from the
Sudanese Cinderella
2. $500,000 in a "Confirmable BankDraft" from the "FedEx Courier Company" in London, England
3. £500,000 (approx. $800,000) through a "Google Online Promotion"
4. £1,000,000 ($1,600,000) through a sweepstakes from "British Telecom Plc"

And here I thought I was going to have to work for a living.

In more serious news, we picked up a 2010 commit at defensive end, definitely a needs position, in
Jerome Lewis out of Rochester, NY. Lewis is tall (6'4"), quick (4.75 40), and scrawny (225 lbs.). With proper Gentrification Lewis has the potential to be a lethal player, provided he can retain his quickness. Lewis is also the first commit VT has gotten out of the Empire State in quite some time. Unless I'm mistaken, I believe Andre Davis was our last.

In other news, season tickets are sold out again for the 10th consecutive year. Unless, of course, you want to pay
around $1800 a seat - $300 per game - in which case be my guest. Also, if you want to completely destroy the Lane Stadium experience, you can shell out about $2300 to sit inside. I am, however, very interested to see what exactly is entailed by "high-end concessions." Because nothing compliments that $9 smoked turkey leg like foie gras and Beluga.

Finally, I did want to pass along one thing that brought a smile to my face. Mike Huguenin, college sports editor at Rivals, wrote an article for Yahoo! sports on 2009 "statement" games, in which he lists the top eight games of the season that have huge implications for each team. VT/Bama ranks in at the no. 2 spot (again, USC at Ohio State edges out the Kickoff Classic for reasons man may never know). Huguenin then goes on to list 10 "honorable mention" games. Edge of your seat thrillrides like Western Michigan at Indiana and Virginia at Southern Miss make the latter list, which Nebraska at VT does not. So I wrote Mr. Huguenin a polite email from our gmail account explaining my point of view that the Huskers at Lane has more "statement" potential than the Cavs at So. Miss. (Wow, that comes across as sarcastic even when I read it. Seriously, I was very nice.)

Imagine my surprise when the top dog at Rivals writes a personal reply:

Thanks for writing. (and interesting e-mail address.)

I put Virginia-southern miss on there because I think southern miss has better-than-even chance of winning – and a c-usa school beating an acc school (even one that likely will be predicted to finish last in its division) is big. I didn’t put tech-nebraska because I don’t think huskers can win in Blacksburg; if game were in Lincoln, it would’ve been on there.

Mr. Huguenin, you can justify not putting any of VT's games on this list by saying the opponent doesn't have a shot at winning.

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