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Monday, April 27, 2009

Breaking Down the Spring Game

Spring football is in the books, fellow FBSers, and I have just one thing to say:



After all the effort, the development of Ju-Ju Clayton, the elimination of the "hitch," the unleashing of the ten-headed seven-horned beast of the abyss (Ryan Williams, as he is otherwise known), the improvement of the offensive line, and the incessant focus on the passing game and red-zone/goal line situations, we get a combined 20 points out of the spring game?


Okay, now that I got that off my chest, here's some numbers I found interesting. Remember, of course, that the spring game is played with 8 minute quarters, which means the spring game accounts for just a smidgen over 53% of an actual game. If you assume production in the spring game is proportional to production in an actual game (a stretch, I know), then these would be the stats from a full 60-minute contest:


TYROD TAYLOR: 30/62, 353 yards
JU-JU CLAYTON: 8/28, 193 yards

RYAN WILLIAMS: 19 rush/159 yards, 4 rec/124 yards

And, of course, there would be some huge numbers for quite a few of our receivers, but I'm not going to run it into the ground. All in all, the spring game was a situation of putting up huge yardage numbers without a lot of points to show for it. Give credit to the coaching staff, they're still focused on the development of the passing game. Of course, if Tyrod gets a sniff of that many attempts in an actual game, it will be because we're down by 20 and our entire backfield is in the ICU of Montgomery Regional. Also, a sub-50 completion percentage simply isn't going to get it done, but my guess is a good percentage of the 33 attempts Taylor made during the 32 minute scrimmage were passes he would have never attempted (and would have never been called) in an actual game.

Defensively, the question of the day was WHERE THE HELL WAS EDDIE WHITLEY? His name appears nowhere in the results for the spring game, which means he either did not play or literally did nothing in the game. There was no indication Whitley was sitting the spring game out, and I've heard nothing about an injury, so what gives? Anyone with any info, please pass it along.

Rashad Carmichael made up for his absence for much of spring ball by carrying the day defensively for the Maroon team, posting a game-high 6 tackles (5 solo), one of which was for a nine yard loss. Already some bloggers are projecting Rock to nail down the field corner spot, with Eddie Whitley backing up Stephan Virgil at boundary. (That is, of course, if Whitley can be found.) Redshirt freshman defensive tackle Antoine Hopkins also had an impressive day, posting 5 tackles (4 solo), 2 sacks, and a twenty yard fumble return for a touchdown. Hopkins was essentially the only young defender to establish himself in the spring game.

So with the 2009 spring game (and spring football in general) now in the books, what can we extrapolate from it? Not much, really. It seems that the passing game will be a bit shored up this season, but really, could it have gotten much worse from last year? We have a backup QB, but we have no clue as to how he'll react in live game situations. We have an inkling of just how phenomenal Ryan Williams is going to be. And we know that Cody Journell has better hit the ground running this summer, because our kicking game is an absolute mess.

Now we wait for fall practice and the arrival of a fresh wave of Hokies. Leading the charge in the race for immediate playing time will be Logan Thomas and DJ Coles, and I expect to see both of them in on plays this fall. David Wilson, the other jewel of this recruiting class, will no doubt earn his chance in time, but with the spring that Ryan Williams turned in, David might as well stop by the taylor on his way into Blacksburg to be fitted for his redshirt.

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