FBS Mission Statement:

We at FBS believe that offensive coordinator Bryan Stinespring bears the largest share of the blame for years of sub-par output from some of the most talented players ever to set foot on Worsham Field. We believe the main objective of the VT football program - a national championship - will escape us as long as Stinespring is making the calls. We therefore advocate the improvement of our football program through the replacement of our offensive coordinator.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


ESPN's Heather Dinich is reporting that Dabo Swinney is slated to take over the HC position at Clemson, pending contract negotiations.

That's one less school that Bud Foster might leave us for! Now hurry up and fire Stiney so we can make a run at the National Championship for the next 2-3 years!

There are Two Kinds of GOOD Coaches...

There are coaches who are creative, and come up with the play that you would never expect, yet would be perfect for the situation based on the look of the defense, the necessary gain and the talent available to him. These coaches often take risks in their play calls, but are generally successful. A good example of this is Chris Petersen at Boise State.

There are also coaches who could run the same 5 plays at you for an entire game, and their players are so well coached in those 5 plays that every one of them works almost every time they run it. These coaches are often easy to predict, but that doesn't make them any easier to stop. A good example of this is Gary Crowton at LSU.

Bryan Stinespring is a great example of neither.

In a game like yesterday's, he blurs the line between the two, and not in the good way. He runs unpredictable plays out of predictable sets and they are far from successful. For example here is how each kind of coach would have handled the 4th and 1:

Creative coach: A creative coach comes out with a two tight end set with Taylor at QB. This causes the defensive coordinator to spread his coverage across the line of scrimmage since Taylor poses a lateral threat when he has a tight end to seal off the defensive end. They break the huddle quickly and head to the assumed positions, however before the line gets set, Taylor and Boone switch places, and Boone takes the snap, running up the middle for a TD. Surprise Wild Turkey.

Solid Coach: Runs the Wild Turkey, but puts Boone under center from the get-go, and sends him straight up the middle. They know it's coming, and it's their talent against ours. We score a TD.

Both coaches run essentially the same play. Neither calls a crappy reverse or chooses a slow-developing play (which Stiney did both of). We need a coach who is either steadfast or inventive, and Stiney is neither.

He needs to go.

Kick the Damn Field Goal

Well, HokieJayBee is still in Roanoke after a fun filled Thanksgiving day holiday with family. Gonna watch some Redskins versus the Shooting Plaxico's before getting on the road home to Hampton. But I had a couple seconds before lunch and I wanted to check in and read some of the other FBS blogs from yesterday's game and post a quick one myself.

Echoing my fellow posters here, I relunctantly have to give BStines a non-failing grade yesterday. Between the 20's, he called a mediocre-ly decently non-horrible game.

My failing grade for yesterday goes to coach Beam-dog himself. [caveat: I'm under the assumption that Bstines or other assistants do not have control over Frank's final decision making regarding 3rd/4th down decisions in the red zone]. We Hokies left a minimum of 9 points off the board yesterday. In a tight defensive battle against a foe with similar offensive struggles, 9 points is enormous.
1. The missed field goal. Set up to be a severely angled chip shot by the sweep running plays on 2nd and 3rd downs, was at an unnecessary hard angle. If we're going to run wide from inside the 5, it needs to be a run/pass option with Tyrod - not Evans on a sweep. Our O-line is much improved, but unfortunately sweeps are not as big of a part of our offense as I personally would like. So, if you're not good at it - don't do it at the opponent's 5 and hurt your place kicker's opportunity at an extra point chip shot 3 points.
2. Glennon's interception. We're at the Cavalier 15-17 yard line. It's 3rd and long. And Sean Glennon throws a pick in the end zone. Horrible play call. [luckily matched later in the game by the 'hoos when they could have kicked a game tying field goal with an eerily similar play call]. Gracious I admit, at that stage of the game, with the current score and flow of the game, I was hoping for a [gasp] run middle and kick the 3 points. That play call, and Glennon's floater into the end zone, were horrible. I'm assuming he overthrew Boone trying to drop it in over the linebacker, and was picked by the corner who was on the deep WR - not that he underthrew the WR in the end zone that badly. But either way, I'm not upset about trying to find Boone in the middle of the field, I'm upset at the play call itself in that situation in the game.
3. The Wild Turkey call from 4th and 1 on the 1. So much wrong with this one. First, kick the damn field goal and take the lead at this point. Second, kick the damn field goal and take the lead at this point. Third, don't call a slow developing play out of shotgun with a slower/stronger runner like Boone, with a play action reverse hitch in the way too. Fourth, kick the damn field goal and take the lead at this point.

Time for lunch. My quick hitter thoughts before I go:
1. BStines gets a non-failing grade for the weekend. Happy Thanksgiving. Since it's only fair, a couple positives. Passes greater than 5 yards in the middle of the field, Boone/Coales/etc. Nicely done. And, running not-the-same-one-and-only Boone run out of the Wild Turkey. Incomplete, but again, nicely done.

Not once during this post have I called for his firing. Don't forget to sign the Guru's petition! Well dammit, that didn't last. All kidding aside, one C+ "decent" game does not save a season. Wooohoooooo, up to 102nd in total offense! This does not equal 3 year extension Beamer, please.

2. Kick the damn field goal.

3. Two years in a row we get to avenge a close regular season loss to BC for the ACCC. And BC is on their 2nd string QB now.....but he's a mobile Vic-Hall-like guy.....

4. Shame on you Hokie fans. Leaving the game on the bypass and even on I-81 all the way to Roanoke, shame on you. Horrible driving, not polite to other Hokies, cutting each other off, not nice merging,...........shame.

5. Bud Foster for president.

6. Monday at work, ask your Cavalier co-workers and cube mates what that smell is. When they look confused, waft your hand under your nose and say, "mmmmm, I love the smell of bowl elgibility in the morning".

Our Late Season Offensive Surge

The IH thought everyone might be interested to know that VT's offense is now averaging over 300 yards per game!!! Yippy skippy! Stinespring's total offense has climbed all the way up to 102nd. We might actually finish the year with a double digit ranking. Be still my heart.

All sarcasm aside, the IH was pleasantly surprised to see that our rushing offense is ranked 38th. Admittedly, 38th is a little lower than I'd like to see our offense ranked in an ideal world (the IH dreams of a top 30 total offense and a top 25 scoring offense), but considering that with our passing woes this year much of our rushing yardage came against defenses with seven and eight men in the box I think it shows much promise that we managed over 2000 yards rushing this season. Just imagine what we'll be capable of when Tyrod has some legitimate downfield threats that keeps defenses honest. Let's just hope that Dj Coles and Logan Thomas are quick learners.

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Let's Hear It For The ACC!

The red-headed stepchild of the BCS conferences went 3-1 against he mighty SEC today. Georgia Tech came from behind to down the Georgia Bulldogs, Clemson beat South Carolina with a win that I hope is good enough to allow Dabo Sweeny to slide into the head coaching position, and Wake Forest denied Vanderbilt a winning season.

Of course there's already spin on this to keep the narative intact. The headline on Yahoo! Sports reads "Georgia Tech stuns Georgia" (my emphasis). Cause, y'know, it's completely inconceivable that a school from the little ol' ACC could possibly win against a big bad SEC team.

Muck the fedia.

Click here to sign the petition to fire Bryan Stinespring.

ACCCG, here we come !

I am not sure if I should be celebrating or not, to tell you the truth.
We saw some bootleg plays, some Wild Tyrkey, some good catches by the WRs, some good QB runs. However, three drives ended up with no score in the red zone;please Stiney call more run plays when the run is stuffed... Even the comentators said the play calling was questionable, c'mon man grow a brain cell, this is freaking Virginia, their defense is ranked in the upper 50ties. Thank God TT got to play well with no mistakes, and thank God Glennon, was taken out of the game..
Really I am happy we are going to play in Tampa, I am worried we are keeping the OC, (refer to Beamer's remarks ,that this is one of the better coaching jobs by his stuff done in the recent years).
Hope with the win Clemso had over SC, Sweeney gets the Clemson job.

Tampa Here We Come


We're going to our third ACC Championship Game, with a chance to win our third ACCC. This means three things. First, this season is probably Frank Beamer's best coaching job in his 22 years at VT. Second, the ACC is mediocre at best this year. Third, Stinespring is one step closer to getting yet another pass.

But the IH has to be fair. At times today the gameplan Stiney used was actually pretty good. Boone threw a pass out of the Wild Turkey to Tyrod Taylor. Granted, the ball looked like a wounded duck in the air and it was nearly picked off, but it kept the Hoos guessing. We weren't afraid to pass it, and for the first time all season it looked like we had experienced, talented wide receivers to pass to. But the best thing to see today was that Tyrod Taylor bounced back from his meltdown against Duke to play his best game of the season.

Here's an amazing fact. Tyrod Taylor accounted for 274 yards of total offense today, and that breaks down to 137 yards rushing and 137 yards passing. How's that for balance? How's that for making a defense cover the whole field? T-Mobile, you da man.

Now, let's be honest here. This was one of Stiney's better gameplans. However, he still committed several key mistakes. The Grand Poobah of his blunders today was running the Wild Turkey on 4th and goal from the 1. The IH loves the Wild Turkey. The IH wants to see a healthy dose of the Wild Turkey every week. However, the IH never wants to see any shotgun formation on short yardage 3rd or 4th and goal plays. Also, twice today Stiney ran a play to the outside on 3rd down inside Hoos 10, which put Dustin Keys in a very difficult position. One of the toughest kicks in college football is a 22-25 yard field goal from the hashes because of the sharp angle. Keys missed one of his two field goal attempts today because of it, and yet his second attempt was from almost the exact same location as the one he missed.

And really, Bryan, couldn't you have found some way to get Evans two more yards so he could break 1,000 for the season at home?

Being fair, the IH gives Stiney a C+ or maybe even a B- today. The sad thing is, I'm almost giddy about that.

The Hokie-Smokie (Non)Rivalry Strikes Again

Sources in Knoxville, TN, are reporting that Lane Kiffin is set to be announced as Phil Fulmer's successor at the University of Tennessee. And just like that, a huge target for Clemson's head coaching position is off the table. Translation: We're one step closer to potentially losing Bud Foster (or as the IH likes to call it, Armageddon).

Jim Weaver, who surprised me by publicly expressing interest in the succession agreement involving Will Muschamp at Texas, has reverted to true form, clarifying that he is merely "interested" in the setup, says any sort of agreement with Foster is "still a long way away," and says any agreement would involve long talks with Frank Beamer, who has been (exasperatingly) publicly critical of the idea.

This may wind up being a very sad holiday season in Hokie Nation.

Fellow FBSers, the IH just yesterday recommended going on the offensive with an admittedly low key advertising campaign to aid our cause. Perhaps for the time being it might be a good idea to consider taking out a half page or full page ad in the Roanoke Times publically calling for Jim Weaver to do whatever it takes to keep Bud Foster at VT, including a successor agreement.

The IH would like some feedback on this question: Should our primary focus on FBS at this critical juncture for our beloved football program be public scrutiny and criticism of Bryan Stinespring or an effort to retain the services of Bud Foster?

Fun with Futility! - The Bryan Stinespring Drinking Game

In recent weeks, many people (including players) have pointed out how easy it is to predict Stiney's playcalling. It's pre-school level. We're talking Football 101 here, people.

In an effort to alleviate the pain of watching our offense under-perform in yet another make-or-break game, I have devised an entertaining little game for us all to try - The Bryan Stinespring Drinking Game!

The rules are simple: fill a glass with your favorite game-day beverage, and keep some extra liquids (and snack foods) nearby. Before each play when the Hokies are on offense, select one of the following as Stiney's play choice:

1) Pass left
2) Pass center (between the hashes)
3) Pass right
4) Run left
5) Run center (between the tackles)
6) Run right

If the play you call is correct, take a sip. I know this is backwards from most drinking games, but the objective of most drinking games is to drink as much as possible, and I think that we will all agree - drinking when you're right will make you drink more than drinking when you're wrong.

For added fun, add these rules:

1) When the announcers say Stiney's name - take 2 sips
2) When the announcers talk about Stiney's poor play choice - take 3 sips
3) When the announcers mention VT's offensive productivity rankings - take 4 sips
4) When Stiney's picture is shown on the screen - finsh your drink.

By then end of the game, you will either be fairly sober, and Tech will probably have won; you will be buzzed, and the defense will have rescued a victory for us; you will be hammered and VT will have lost.

At least you won't feel the pain. Enjoy!

-Big Tony

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Friday, November 28, 2008

It's time to step up our game...

Okay, fellow anti-Stineys, this is what the IH would refer to as crunch time. One of two things is about to happen. Either VT will beat Virginia this weekend and get into a third ACCC (knock on wood), or we will lose to our intrastate rival and finish the regular season with our worst record since 1997. Either way, this is a critical time to get our message out. If we win the Coastal division there's a risk Stiney will get a pass. If we lose there will be much discontent in Hokie Nation, and we should strike while the iron is hot.

I have a few ideas I'd like to present to the Fire Bryan Stinespring community as a whole.

First, I say we take a page out of Frank Beamer's own book. Literally. In his memoir Turn Up the Wick, Coach Beamer mentions that on September 22, 1995, a classified ad was run in the Collegiate Times criticizing the lack of offensive output. I say it's time for history to repeat itself. I say it's time to run the following add in the Collegiate Times:

LOST: A decent football offense. Missing since 2001. If found, please notify firebryanstinespring.blogspot.com.

The cost will be six bucks a day. I don't think we need it running continuously, but I think it should definitely make an appearance every week or two. Six bucks to a worthy cause is nothing, and it's going to support the college newspaper as an added benefit.

I'm asking for my fellow FBS faithful to step up and commit to paying for the add to run one day. I, of course, will pick up the tab for the initial posting. Let's get our message out there and turn up the heat on everybody's favorite offensive coordinator.

Please sign the Fire Stiney Petition!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Back from stuffing my face!

Hi all, this is the SoilWolf here. Im back from stuffing myself half to death with acorn squash and green bean casserole. And guess what? our offense still sux huge Turkey legs- like the ones they sell at Lane.

I heard that in practice, players huddled around Stine , rallying around him, as if this was his last hurrah as their OC. A buddy of mine who, coincidentally met J88 in nova, pointed out that ocain and stine's style clash and that could contribute to the disarray on O. From my perspective, they both stink and should be be reassigned. Stine as the SWVA regional recruiter and Ocain to waterboy.

I am off to the UVa game in a few. Bright and early at high noon. Hopefully we will play like we have something on the line this go around, unlike the duke game. This game will give me more fodder to feed the cannon of spite torward our o. i need a FBS t shirt to distribute at tailgates. hopefully stine will resign early so a new oc can go ahead and bring in his new staff. ill take the oc from App. St. to replace him.

ill leave your tryptophan (sp) enhanced grey matter with this age old quesiton: Whats more damaging to the program: winning a lesser tier bowl game like the music city bowl, or loosing in the Orange bowl? getting mimimal exposure and winning? or getting maximal attention and loosing on national stage?

oh yeah, sign the petition!

O'Cain Speaks Out About His Favorite Pupil

Okay, fellow Hokies, we all know O'Cain has an unhealthy love of Sean Glennon that borders of infatuation. That being said, the IH thought Coach O'Cain made some good points in this article.

First of all, although I don't particularly like his style of coaching, the IH respects O'Cain for telling it like it is. Before becoming a guest blogger here, the IH used to blog about VT football on MySpace, and more often than not there was a lot of defending going on in those blogs where Glennon was concerned. The IH has always thought Glennon had a good amount of upside and a lot of potential, but he was put into a system that has very rarely been successful for a drop-back passer (Druckenmiller being the one exception in recent memory). Given a good offensive line in front of him, the IH still believes Glennon could have developed into a second string NFL QB.

However, the IH does take exception to O'Cain's statement that Glennon really couldn't have done anything differently to be better. The Hoke O-line has allowed
way too much pressure on our QB, but you'd think that being exposed to that much pressure would force a QB to adapt to it. If anything, Glennon has regressed.

Basically the IH has two knocks against Glennon:

1.) He takes way too long to throw the ball. He apparently lacks that internal clock that tells him it's time to get rid of the ball.

2.) If he senses pressure he takes a sack 90% of the time. He tries run away from pressure, but he forgets that he needs to be looking downfield while he does it. The IH thinks that somewhere in the deepest recesses of his psyche, Sean Glennon actually believes he's a scrambling QB. The result is usually a sack.

That being said, the IH still likes Sean Glennon. He's a bit of an arrogant prick, but aside from that he's always played his heart out. Now what the IH really likes about this article is the criticism of the offensive line coming from the QB coach. Now what the IH would like to see is a rebuttal from Curt Newsome pointing the finger back at O'Cain and the QBs. Not because it would be true, but because public infighting amongst the offensive coaching staff is good for our cause. The more the offensive position coaches squabble with each other the more Stiney looks ineffectual and unable to lead.

Don't forget to sign the Fire Stiney Petition.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Want a Bootleg With Your Turkey Leg?

Watching my Hokies in recent weeks, I was interested in what it is about broken plays that allows Tyrod Taylor to escape containment. Our best plays seem to be the ones that completely fall apart. Normally I would chalk this up to brilliant play-action offense, but I know Stiney better than that. When Tyrod takes off, it seems like no one else really knows what's going on. So unless Stiney has some super-secret playbook that he only gives to T-Mobile, I have to assume that these plays were not planned, or if they were planned, they were very poorly coached.

That said, here is what I have observed:

When the pocket collapses, Tyrod will move into space. Since Stiney and Co. coach the offensive line to defect their blocks around the pocket, this space is usually somewhere inside the tackles. With Evans picking up the stray blitz, the only players left to cover Tyrod are the linebackers. The linebackers' decsions are key to understanding why this "works". If they choose to move in on Taylor (who I might add has an impressive sense of where the line of scrimmage is at all times!), he will find an open reciever behind them. If they sit back in coverage, or mirror him laterally, he will cross the line of scrimmage and pick up a few yards.

Stiney used this ability effectively last season with the delayed QB dive, but this is a move that puts Tyrod in undue danger. With ankle injuries a major concern, running him between the tackles with no blockers is probably not the best plan. How else can VT use this ability?

Continuing on the theme of plays missing from the Stinespring's personal rendition of "Everybody Poops" (AKA - the VT playbook), I have to turn an eye to the bootleg. The bootleg (and more specifically, the naked bootleg) takes the quarterback away from the pocket and forces the opposing team's linebackers to match not only his lateral speed, but also retain coverage in the center of the field. With a quarterback like Tyrod who has a tendency to run, it takes a well-disciplined linebacking corps and defensive backfield to maintain their coverage and not bite on the seemingly defenseless QB.

Here is a video actually ridiculing John Madden for his overuse of the word "bootleg", but the two plays chosen are excellent examples of how the play can work as a run or a pass:

The ideal set to run the naked bootleg in is the trips wide reciever set, since the line can block down to the side of the trips, and the backside tackle can block out on the end while Tyrod rolls to the weak side (with a single reciever). As he rolls out, he can use his speed and the misdirection to create seperation from the pile. This will leave plenty of open field for Tyrod to "do his thing". If the defense plays it wrong and bites on Taylor, we can get a big pass play out of it. If they play it right and run him to the sideline, his speed should still let us gain a few yards.

-Big Tony

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Guest Blogger #5 - HokieJayBee

Hey fellow Hokies and Anti-Stiney-ites;

HokieGuru has graciously allowed me to post here as well, HokieJayBee. I'm stoked to be posting alongside IH, bigTony, hokiej88, mainaman, and of course, HG himself. I'm a 1999 Hokie Grad, still living in VA and football season ticket holder since 2001. Section 23, .......must......donate.......more.

I have conversed a couple times recently with the Guru via e-mail, sharing a couple ideas, thoughts, etc. - and mainly making excuses for my own laziness and unwillingness to post. I generally fall prey to simply reading about 10-15 different Hokie blogs and having all my thoughts/rants made up within those - thus laziness ensues and I don't write my own. But I can't take it anymore. I have to be a part of this page. So, apologies in advance for anything seemingly repetitive here (other than the mantra of our beloved blog) as I make my initial post and try to yield a synopsis of my thoughts recently.

1. Bud Foster cannot go. We cannot lose Bud. Many reasons, but to highlight:

a. If we were to lose Bud right now, we would be stuck with BStines for at least 3 more seasons. A team cannot endure the loss of both coordinators at the same time, a near total revamp, and expect to stay competitive. Well, at least this is the angle that Coach Beamer would sell to us for his keeping and re-signing BStines to an extension. Still claiming it has nothing to do with the fact that the Stinesprings will be at the Beamer's for Thanksgiving dinner and his claims that he would always put program first……

b. He can't go, because, well he can't. I know we Hokies are biased, but stats don't lie. He could perhaps statistically be the best D-Coordinator in the nation over the past 8-10 years, based on team defensive rankings. We can't lose him. Not in conference, not out West, nothing. We must keep him.

c. He does deserve, and has earned, his own shot at head coaching. I admit this. If only there was a blueprint out there to start a succession process of your own aging great head coach, promising the job in a 3-6 year plan to hire from within to a great coordinator rather than lose him to another program. If only there were other large programs in this same predicament and they were initializing a plan to keep this coordinator. If only there were plans in place at FSU, Texas, and Penn State…….

d. I am not on the team that wants to let Bud go, get his feet wet head coaching elsewhere, to return to VT when Beamer does step down. He's been leading this defense for 22 years. He's not new to coaching. I feel confident in his ability to step into the head coaching role here, without heading elsewhere first. Especially if he had 3-6 years of gradually more and more responsibility in a plan referenced just above in (c.).

2. What do we have to do, as fans, students, alumni – to actually be heard in regards to the removal of one Mr. Stinespring? (please sign HokieGuru’s FBS petition!!!!) I have personally called 1800 VATECH4 and told them that I'm not donating this year if we don't win the ACC, our offense is ranked worse than 75th nationally, and Mr. Stinespring is kept on as offensive coordinator. I know I'm a nobody. And I know that my message didn't leave the agent's desk who took my call. But it felt good to say it to them. Now. If all of us made this same call, would it help? If all of us called 1800 VATECH 4 and Weaver's secretary all day every day with the same message, would it get through? Three quick points to my call for BStine's head:

a. He's a great team guy coach, a player's coach, they all love him. This is all well and good. But you, Mr. Stinespring, flat out SUCK at calling plays. Is there a way we can keep him on board to recruit, keep coaching some O line, the tight ends – but simply hire a play calling coordinator? Now I watch more football than anyone I know, and I study and analyze the game too much. But based on formation, down and distance – when VT lines up on offense – I can tell you what play we're about to run. I'm not a paid defensive coordinator, so I'm pretty sure the professionals who coach our opponents are way ahead of me. It’s not even about what plays we run on the down and distance, it’s the pure and simple fact that we run the same play each time from a certain formation.

b. It should be noted that we at FBS.com are calling for more variety on offense, but not just weird plays, consistent variety please. Our playbook should not fit on a business card, which it currently does. We run the same 6 plays out of the same 3 formations all day, every day. Our opponents are noticing. Hell our own defense is noticing. Now, in case you, Mr. Stinespring, somehow ever read this – let me define for you "variety on offense". Variety on offense is not your feeble attempts to run right tackle, run left tackle, wide-receiver screen, punt. Next possession, run left tackle, run right tackle, run the option right (with Glennon), punt. Next possession, run left tackle, run right tackle, run a triple-reverse-double-throw-back-flee-flicker-wild-turkey-spin-move-double-move-out-and-up-post-flag-3rd-and-8 play. That one play thrown in there does not make a variety filled offense. Also, you CANNOT take credit for broken plays in which Tyrod (M Vick senior, M Vick junior, Bryan Randall, etc.) turns a near sack into a 14-yard touchdown. That is not a variety in play calling. We need consistent off-base play calling. We hope you watched the Oklahoma/Texas Tech game this week. I guarantee that if BStines watched that game, I guarantee, I'll bet anyone $5000, that at some point during that game viewing, that BStines said, "wow, holy crap, I never would have thought to run that play on 2nd and 2” or “wait, you mean I’m allowed to throw deeper than 10 yards to a receiver in the middle of the field?”.

c. In regards to my call to 1800 VATECH4, perhaps the negative way is not the manner we should handle it, threatening to stop donating should BStine's not be let go. Perhaps we should go positive, or enticing. If we all pledged to double our donations, but on one condition. Weaver ponies up and hires someone like Mike Leach on O. The problem with any of this is that the power in the athletic department is not held in Weaver's office. That is, unless Beamer sits in there too.

3. How bad did it suck to be the, "not in control of our own destiny team"? For the first time in like, ever, since joining the ACC. Last Thursday night, we rooted for Georgia Tech to beat Miami. Now, this wasn't a real aberration for us Hokies, as we would root for nearly anyone against the U. After all, you can't plead Uncontested without the U. But, really, last week we had to have GT beat UM. Somehow, due to like the 3rd and 4th tiebreaker rules in the ACC to determine division winners to go to the ACC championship game, we can still go. It's kind of sickening to a point. So since GT beat UM, and we beat Dook and now need to beat UVAgina. Rule 3 or 4 comes into play and we hold tie breaker advantage over GT and UM because, basically, we lost more in the ACC to the other division and suck less. So we can mathematically still do this!!?!?!? Craziness, and no rubber chickens or paperclips or lubed cucumbers were used in the equation (you don't even want to know tie-breaker rule 7). I'm by no means looking past UVA, but I just find it crazy that we can still win this thing. (bad ominous movie background music) But do we really want to????? Beamer would do nothing short of dance for BStines at the UVA post-game if this all came true and we still won the ACC Coastal.

4. And finally, the real reason I even got off my butt to actually write in today, and HokieGuru has offered me the opportunity. Last week, I opened up FBS.com. As per usual, I opened a new browser tab and link-opened basically all of the other blogs and links that are posted on the right of your page. I then read them all, bouncing back and forth betwixt them anytime necessary to catch a subtle point or call out to someone else's blog. But last week, it was different. We actually had links within links to McFarling's article in the Roanoke paper and Tucker's article in the Hampton Roads paper. Now, it's not uncommon to have links or quotes from these two gentlemen's articles – but both articles last week were different. They were quote based, interview based, only – and not all of it was super-happy-go-lucky-pat-on-the-back-go-Tech. Both of them are highly recommended reads – but something jumped out at me.

a. Let me set up some context. Beamer is being interviewed. There's the standard soft balls for him to answer, and now becoming the new standard, questions about his offense and BStine's job. The first little thing that jumped out at me was the way he deflected conversation about BStine's job. For like the second time, EVER, he slipped away from his normal response and almost nearly sorta kinda admitted that BStine's job is up for discussion, just not right now. (HokieGuru is currently researching to find the first slip up regarding that this discussion will be held in the offseason only, we think it was like week 4) This is HUGE.

b. The biggest part for me, regarding employment discussions, did not come at this point in the article when he was blatantly asked about BStines. It came later in the interview. Now the context is that he's being questioned and discussing the running game: D Evans' success, the move of Cheeseman to FB to block and not be the 3rd string TB anymore, the choice of Pickle to run that horrid play call on 3rd and 2 late against Miami. In this context, keep in mind he's discussing Evans, Cheeseman, and Pickle throughout – he was asked about Cheeseman's success/role since moving to FB. His response, "I saw Evans break a school record, and when you're in tight ballgames and your paycheck's on the line, you probably go with who you feel like is the right guy at that time."

i. Interpretation 1: Yes, we coaches did well! We did well to move Cheeseman to FB. He's working hard and he's helping the team more from FB. Look, he helped D Evans break a team record for rushing yards in a single game, that's why we put him there. We’re smart.

ii. Interpretation 2: But then why did he revert back to a previous question, or seem on the defensive, regarding Cheeseman. Why is he saying when you're in tight ballgames and your paycheck's on the line, you probably go with who you feel like is the right guy at that time.
ii-a. WHAT????!?!?!?!??? First of all, why is he on the defensive regarding Cheeseman. It was a good move and he did help Evans run forever versus Maryland.
ii-b. WHAT!?!?!?!!?!? He says that you "probably" go with who you "feel like" is the "right guy at that time". What?!!? Probably??!?! Uh, coach, that's your job, all day every day. There's no probably. And there's no feel like. Who can get the job done, and now.
ii-c. And, WHAT!?!?!!?!!??? In the same answer where you're defending your move of Cheeseman to FB and his aid of Evans' success, you seem to revert back to defending the choice of Pickle on that 3rd and 2 play? Frank, talking in circles you are. Your own answer suggests that perhaps Cheeseman should have been in at FB blocking for Evans on the play in question against Miami??? And not Pickle…..

iii. Interpretation 3: And now, the most telling part (to me) of this portion of the interview. In the context that he's already been asked and answered about BStine's job. He says when you're in tight ballgames, and "your paycheck's" on the line……. This is an amateur sport. He can't be talking about Evans, Cheeseman, or Pickle. They are not paid (I hope), and they don't have paychecks on the line. Sooooooooo, based on prior interview context re: BStine's job. He can only be discussing the choice of play call on 3rd and 2, and the choice of Pickle to run it, without a fullback, on a draw. Now Frank is not "up in the booth" like Paterno, or just a self-admitted figure head like Bowden, but we all know he's not involved with each and every play call. So he has to be talking about Stinespring's job, since he’s talking about a paycheck on the line, because of calls like this……..……this is good, for us.

4. And finally, some quit hitter thoughts of mine from watching the Duke “game”.

a. Praise the Lord, yet again, for one Bud Foster. BFost is a man among boys. Can we hold UVA to 10 or less, we need to. Macho Harris is good too. Cut your hair and stop dancing so much though.

b. Frank, block a punt. We, the fans, need it. We need an injection of Beamer Ball. Please.

c. Mr. Stinespring, there has to be a point in every man’s career where he attempts the same things over and over again, failing each time, that a little light comes on and says maybe you should stop doing the same thing over and over again. You don’t keep doing it over and over and over and over again just because they run it well in practice, you………..have………….to…………………….ADJUST.

i. The 10-yard out. Remove this play from our playbook. Neither of our QB’s can sufficiently bullet this ball, nor do either of them have the time necessary to throw it properly in the pocket. This is a pick-6 waiting to happen.

ii. The Wild Turkey offense (it appears as I was typing this post, Illinois Hokie commented just the same mantra here!). A great gimmick implanted in for the Maryland game. It has so many options available. Boone can run, Boone can hand off to the motion man in one direction, Boone can pitch to the option man in the other direction, Boone can throw (after all he came to VT as a QB). Yet, EVERY SINGLE TIME we’ve run the Wild Turkey, it’s Boone keeping off tackle to the wide side of the field. He’s big and strong and it’s been decently sufficient. But geez BStines, call one of the variations from the formation for once. Even Duke’s pathetic run D started stopping Boone on this play, because they knew where it was going when they saw the formation and had no fear that the play could be going somewhere else.

iii. Called run plays for Sean Glennon. Even before he was on a gimpy ankle, this is a horrible idea. Sean is not quite as fast as my desk at work. The “trickiness” or “off-guard” you gain by running Sean is soon lost on the play when he has traveled 2 yards compared to the LB or DT’s 10 yards to catch him in the same amount of time, even after being tricked and running the wrong way.

d. I never bought the “youth” excuses to begin with for offensive woes. This is major college football with major college coaches and athletes. Many of them come to spring practice and are not true freshman come fall games, and especially in the second to last week in the regular season. I’m done buying excuses, I blame only coaching for our offensive issues. These kids, bless their heart, are simply robots. They need to be programmed properly to work. When A happens, I do B. When C happens, I do D. etc. It needs to be this simple for the players and our offensive coaches just aren’t getting it done.

Mistakes on the field I blatantly blame on coaching:
i. Turnovers. Yeah, I said it. I know Tyrod had the worst quarter he’s ever had in his football life, and made some mistakes. One, maybe two, I can maybe blame the player. But, 4 in a quarter. Coaching has to come into play. Protect the ball when you run, you have more than one read in a pass route, don’t throw into double coverage, etc. Coaching and practicing good football sense have to come into play after this many problems.

ii. Taking a “sack” when scrambling. How have the coaches not fixed either of our quarterbacks on this??!??!?!?!? When you scramble outside the pocket towards the sideline, and you’re about to run out of bounds for a loss or sack on the play………throw the ball to the tuba player!!! Jesus, don’t take a loss on the play. When you leave the pocket on the move like that, there’s no intentional grounding. This is coaching. Prior to taking a loss, lose the ball. 2nd and 10 is much nicer than 2nd and 14.

iii. Running out the clock when winning near the end. I was so upset at Darren Evans near the end of the Duke game. He broke left for a decent gain with time waning in the Duke game, and, with the safety/cornerback approaching, dipped out of bounds……Seriously???!!? How have the coaches not programmed these kids by now? Freshman or not, these coaches have to have these kids ready for these situations. Darren, you slide on your butt in bounds and keep that clock running – but I shouldn’t be the first one mentioning this to Darren, I’m not a paid coach.

e. And finally, just for your viewing pleasure as we give Thanks this Thursday and make our way to B’burg for the UVA game, our drives from the Duke game. I'm not one to gossip, I'm just saying.

Virginia Tech Drive Summaries
15:00 1 02:48 VT 21 6 25 Interception
09:00 1 01:50 VT 9 3 6 Punt
06:17 1 04:06 VT 10 8 39 Fumble
14:50 2 01:20 VT 31 3 12 Interception
12:10 2 00:54 VT 18 2 22 Fumble
09:55 2 01:08 VT 20 3 6 Punt
07:27 2 02:26 VT 32 5 23 Interception
03:02 2 02:24 VT 14 11 86 Passing Touchdown
12:41 3 04:41 VT 28 7 27 Punt
05:53 3 01:47 VT 17 3 9 Punt
15:00 4 04:04 VT 21 8 27 Punt
08:56 4 04:20 VT 33 7 23 Punt
04:09 4 01:52 VT 19 5 24 Punt

Sorry so long, I had a lot to say! Until next time, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! See you Saturday.

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Taming the Wild Turkey

Is it just me, or has all excitement generated by the debut of the Wild Turkey Offense against Maryland completely subsided?

The IH is challenging Bryan Stinespring this week (because I just know he reads this blog daily) to bring back the Wild Turkey with a vengeance. It's only right, considering this is Thanksgiving week. What the IH wants to see is an actual offense, not one play. Yes, we know Boone can run the ball. The IH wants to see some handoffs, and yes, the IH would LOVE to see Boone throw a pass out of the WT. What the IH really, really, REALLY wants to see is a shift into the Wild Turkey before the snap, with T-Mobile shifting to either tailback or wideout.

Remember the 2003 season when Stiney was actually smart enough to shift Marcus Vick and Bryan Randall in and out from under center? That, along with Kevin Jones, was the reason that was the ONE good season Stiney's had as OC. Let's get back to that philsophy of finding different and unexpected ways to utilize the incredible talent we've recruited on offense.

Oh, but wait, there's a big disparity in talent between the offense and defense, right Frank?

BS, give us back the one good thing you've shown us this year. Pour me a double shot of Wild Turkey.

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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Screen We're Missing on the Screens We're Watching

So admittedly, I was not able to watch our 14-3 wrist-slapping of Duke (because "beating" or "spanking" would infer that actual punishment had taken place), however, I have seen many of the games this season. Throughout all of them, I have noticed one blaring omission to Stiney's Play(skool)book: the screen pass.

In last season's Orange Bowl, the Jayhawks implemented a very simple defensive game plan in order to throw off both Tyrod Taylor and Sean Glennon. When Taylor was under center, they blitzed, when Glennon was in, they dropped back into coverage. Simple and effective. Disturbingly effective. Stiney became so frustrated by this defensive look that he changed our offensive game plan for the entire second half. He all but pulled Taylor out of the game in the second half. After the game, he justified this move by saying that Taylor was too young and inexperienced to handle constant blitzes. While that may be true, the one at fault is Stiney for not preparing any plays to counteract this.

Screen Pass 101 (Stiney, get out your notebook):

When a defense sends a blitz, the defensive linemen and linebackers often have less trouble getting into the backfield, and will usually enter a dead sprint towards the quarterback after breaching the line. When the offense runs the screen pass, the line effectively allows the defensive line and/or linebackers to go by them easily, if not untouched. The line is then free to block the remaining linebackers and/or secondary. A runningback, tight end or reciever is sent on a drag across the newly-formed seam behind the defensive line. After a short pass from the quarterback, they are often left with 5-15 yards of free space, as well as 4+ fat men to clear the path in front of them.

Interestingly enough, this same play is almost equally as effective when a defensive secondary drops back into coverage, since a lineman is less likely than a linebacker to recognize when they are getting screened. It actually takes a large amount of discipline from a defensive lineman or linebacker to recognize when they are being screened and drop back to fill the field.

Had Stiney utilized this play (both with Glennon and Taylor) it is likely that Kansas would have settled into a more conventional defense, and we could have jammed a heaping helping of Branden Ore/Tyrod Taylor/Kenny Lewis down their throats until we retake the lead.

Here is an example of a well-executed screen pass by Penn State:

Basically, this forces a defense ot cover the middle of the field, a move that requires at least 1-2 players to accomplish. Thats 1-2 less players blitzing and/or covering Boykin/Coale/Harris. If Virginia Tech were to implement the screen pass this season, we would have noticed a decrease in pressure on both Glennon and Taylor, and increase in touches for players like Greg Boone and Andre Smith and possibly even an increase of open wideouts downfield. That said, I have seen no more than two true screens this season, as Stiney seems to be more of a fan of quick screens out to the flats (which I expect from him EVERY time we have 3-4 wideouts on one side of the field. It's like reading a childrens' book).

Bottom line, add the screen to the gameplan. It may only be needed 2-3 times in a game, but can be used effectively 5-10 times if the opposing defensive coordinator is stubborn or gullible. It's making the opposing defense honest so we can beat them with talent, not tricks.


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What We Know

Certainty has been hard to come by both with our team and with the ACC in general this year. However, even before the last game of the regular season is finally played this weekend in Blacksburg, there are a few things we do indeed know will or could happen in this, the most schizophrenic of BCS conferences.

1.) We know that both teams in the ACCC will have three conference losses and no more than nine regular season wins at most.

2.) We know that it's highly unlikely that either team to make it to the ACCC will be ranked in the top 10. If FSU manages what would probably be the upset of the season and beats Florida it probably still won't be enough to move them up 13 spots. Georgia Tech likewise would have difficulty cracking the top 10 even with a convincing win over 13th ranked Georgia. 20th ranked Boston College won't move up much if at all even with a blowout of Maryland.

3.) We know that there's a pretty good possibility that both teams in the ACCC might be unranked. If BC loses to Maryland and FSU gets disassembled by Florida (which I predict will happen) then he Atlantic Division champion will be unranked. Likewise, if we squeak out a close one against 5-6 Virginia (which, again, I predict) it probably won't be enough for us to crack the top 25. Voila! Two unranked teams playing for a BCS conference championship.

4.) Bringing the focus closer to home, we know that despite the evisceration of the receiving corp, linebacking corp, and defensive line from last year, and all the talk about a rebuilding year, the 2008 Hokie squad turned out about like the past several years', with a top notch defense (8th total, 17h scoring) and a dear-god-where-did-I-put-the-whiskey-and-Valium offense (109th total, 89th scoring).

5.) We know that either Frank Beamer is under a lot of stress due to the media focus and criticism of the offense's foibles, or he's turning into that crotchety old man who yells at kids to keep off his lawn.

6.) We also know that despite his aw, shucks charm, Frank Beamer is most certainly an alpha male personality who does not take kindly to differences of opinion from those outside of the football program. I don't necessarily think this is a knock on Frank, but it's certainly been interesting to watch him get increasingly cantankerous as the season has progressed.

7.) We know that Tyrod Taylor is not developing as many (myself included) had anticipated. We can only speculate as to whether this is due to a shortcoming on his own part, a failure on behalf of Mike O'Cain to adequately guide his progression, a failure on the part of the young receiving corp. to "pick up" Tyrod in critical games, or a failure on the part of the offensive line to give him adequate protection to let him develop as a passer in an actual game-time environment.

8.) We know that Darren Evans is a stud, and that if Ryan Williams is as good as advertised we will have one of the best tandem backfields in the nation next year.

9.) We know that while his offense ranks 109th overall, Bryan Stinespring set a Division 1-A record this season for number of hugs received per yard gained.

10.) We know that if we win our third ACC championship in five years, this one will be especially meaningful since at so many points throughout the season it looked impossible, and that it says something about our team that it keeps winning despite having to put up with the Herbert Hoover of offensive coordinators.


I present you a chart(credit ACChamps2004) of the Virginia tech team, offensive and defensive rankings since 1999 season on.

After Bud Foster took over the defense, the weakest performance measures @ 51st ranked total defense after a two year decline from 2001-2003. After 2003, as we all know, the defense is top tire in the nation, and up till today averaged over the last five years it ranks 4th in the nation.

In 2003 Bryan Stinespring was promoted to OC, and we have moved for one season from 63rd to 38th ranked offense, just to slump down to 64th in the next season. In 2005 we saw a bit of a progress elevating by 10 points to 54th in the nation, at which point in 2006 the VT Football program hired tree new coaches, O'Cain, Newsome, Sherman, and the big tumble began. It was not really a tumble, it was more like teleportation to the bottom of the rankings to reach average offensive ranking during Stinespring's tenure of 94th over the past five years.

I thought, it is also useful to present to you, the table that Jason From Arlington published on his blog:

The chart clearly shows how our team, both defense and offense, compare to teams that have won the BCS. As we can see in the period 2004-2007, the defense is better than any of the last four BCS champs, except LSU. The offense, on other hand, is light years behind. If the statistics mean anything, then that means that if we had at least decent offense, say in the top 30, we could have had 4 BCS titles in the last 4 years.

Frank Beamer says that the stats are not everything, and the record is what matters, but the record is stats too. If he had done the things the right way, the record would have mattered more than it does now, when we speak of the nations perception of VT football. Our record is so meaningful that , for example Miami was pronounced(during and after the game) as a program that is coming back to matter nationally, when they barely beat us and managed only ~250 yard of total offense. This is a direct result of poor offensive play, and this is how much our record really means.

Go Hokies, I guess...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fellow Hokies, if you did not believe it before this season, it is now OFFICIAL! VT has the worst OC in all of college football!

After watching most of tonight's game, I have now come to this conclusion: Bryan Stinespring is the WORST OC in all of college football. I dare anyone else to name any current OCs that compare to Stiney's level of futility and ineptitude at the BCS level and then back up their argument with some well argued evidence/statistics! Stiney now has a very large sample size (7 yrs) to draw plenty of conclusions about his ability (or lack thereof in this case) as an OC. During his tenure, VT has only managed one top 40 ranking in total offense and that yr we had Kevin Jones. Also,that yr is starting to look like an anomaly to the sample set of data and anomalies are normally thrown out as outliers.

How many OCs can take an offense with arguably top 40 or so talent (based on recruiting rankings) and make it exponentially worse to the point where it gets worse statistically every yr, starts to rest at the bottom of the college football rankings in total offense or underutilize potential super stars such as Eddie Royal? Well there is maybe one OC from recent memory who does compare to Stiney, but he did not last 7+yrs as an OC and the only reason he got the job was because his dad was HC. That man is Jeff Bowden. How does Stiney compare to Jeff Bowden? Statistically, Jeff Bowden is much better than Stiney. Yes, you read that right. Bowden's offenses averaged much higher rankings than Stinespring's. So, we do in fact have a worse OC than even the infamous Jeff Bowden and look what it took FSU's fans to get rid of Jeff Bowden? In fact, Jeff Bowden might want to fax Frank Beamer his resume at the end of this season because he would be an upgrade over Stiney!

Our offense is pure vanilla in a college football world where every other BCS college program that is serious about winning a BCS Championship outside of maybe Ohio State has begun to add in many different flavors of ice cream to their offense with plenty of topping options to boot! There are many fundamental flaws in our offense beyond just the playcalling. Our schemes are poorly designed, our players do not execute in games what the coaches say they do execute in practice and the playcalling is easily predictable. Radio and television announcers are now guessing our next offensive plays based on our formations at a fairly good rate.How do you think a well prepared defensive coordinator of an opposing team will do with a week or more of preparation time for our offense? The answer is they will shut our offense down the majority of the time. It is VERY hard to execute a play perfectly and get it to work when the defense knows ahead of time exactly what the play is going to be, which side of the field it will be run to, etc. That is stacking the deck against our success.

To me, the absolute worst thing now is that Stiney throws our players under the bus after games in his post game interviews. Everytime, he blames our offense's ineptitude on a lack of execution, but isn't a coach responsible for making sure his players execute better? It is the coaches' job to put his players in a position to succeed. He is supposed to "coach them up." Our players are supposed to improve as the season goes along, not get worse! Have our players on offense gotten better as the season has gone along? I would say some have, but most have not! I think some have even regressed from past seasons. That is an indictment on our coaches in my humble opinion. They are the ones getting paid big 6 figure salaries and bonuses after each winning season despite the offense declining each yr.

In conclusion, I cannot speak for every Hokie, but I am tired of hearing the same set of excuses from our offensive coaches after each game and season after season under Bryan Stinespring's tenure as OC. Winners stop making excuses and just accept responsibility for their behavior/action. Stiney and the other offensive coaches continuing to blame our failures this season game after game on our youth and inexperience becomes a ridiculous excuse when the season is almost over and they are still using the same excuses. What about other college teams who have the same problems and yet their players improve by the end of the season or who produce good results in spite of youth/inexperience or lack of talent? There are a lot of college programs that would kill to have the talent VT does on offense at their disposal and yet those colleges outproduce VT! Even the more conservative minded offenses. The bottom line is that VT needs a new OC. One who will stop making excuses, blaming his players and be accountable for his unit's results (or lack thereof). Bryan Stinespring is not the OC we need. He has had his chance. Seven yrs is plenty of time for him to have made changes and shown improvement. Instead, fans of VT are left with only more excuses and questions about season's that could have been had we had an offense to go with Bud Foster's awesome defenses and what the future will be like in the next 2 yrs when VT supposedly gears up for another BCS title run. The really sad part about all of this is Frank Beamer is putting his personal relationship with Bryan Stinespring above his duty as head of our football program to make sure the VT football program has long term success. Otherwise, why has Bryan Stinespring routinely received contract raises and big bonuses for producing continually worse offenses each season?? The main statistic cited by Frank Beamer to justify and defend Stiney's poor offensive production over the yrs, scoring offense, is also misleading to the average fan. How many people but the most avid college football fan know that scoring offense includes special teams AND defensive touchdowns? Our defense and special teams has been carrying our offense on its back and hiding its ineptitude for yrs!
Hopefully, this is the yr that it finally ends! I hope Frank makes lots of changes this offseason to our offensive coaching staff starting with the removal of Bryan Stinespring as OC. VT needs an offense that is capable of carrying its own weight that will complement our defense and special teams. Bryan Stinespring is an excuse maker and the biggest part of the problem. He is not the person to solve our offensive problems.

Offensive Impotence, AGAIN

Can anyone tell that we only managed one offensive TD, based on the 350+ yards total offense? I would think not. Based on the overall performance, naturally Beamer will say we were great and we have improved etc.
Well how do we win against an opponent that can actually produce in offense? The bottom line is FIRE BRYAN STINESPRING!

Surviving Catastrophe

It is patently absurd that we're taking a lead into halftime.

The IH is above all else a reasonable man, and I cannot saddle all the blame for this disaster of a half on Stiney. The playcalling wasn't very inspired, but Tyrod Taylor had the worst quarter of football in his short life against Duke.

It's an old story, isn't it? The defense bailing out the offense. But it looks like Sean Glennon is set to have yet another brilliant game against Duke. Why can't he play as well against other teams as he does every year against the Blue Devils?

Friday, November 21, 2008

And So We're Still In This Thing...

"Is something wrong, she said/Well of course there is/You're still alive, she said/Oh, and do I deserve to be/Is that the question/And if so...if so...who answers...who answers..."
- Pearl Jam, Alive

I'm a child of the 90's. Flannel. Bad hair. Bad attitudes. Three power cords, repeated ad infinitum. Good times. So who better than Eddie Vedder to explain my current feelings on our situation?

Not only are we still alive in the ACC championship hunt, we're still in the running for top QB prospect Kevin Newsome. According to Rivals.com, Newsome has narrowed his list of prospective colleges to four. VT is in the mix along with Penn State, Ohio State, and Boston College. Newsome appears to be taking his time, much like Ryan Williams did last year.

Apparently playing back to back Thursday night games, the first at home and the second on the road, is a recipe for a split. We played great against Maryland, then got pwned by Miami. Miami, on the other hand, played great against us, then stunk up the joint against Georgia Tech.

Anyone still have doubts that classic option football is still alive and well?

Honestly, I think the fact that we're still in the running for our third ACC championship says less about our program and more about the overall mediocrity of the ACC. For all intents and purposes, our conference is a mid-major. There is no dominant team, no real contender for a national championship. Honestly, does anyone think the ACC champion this season has a legitimate shot at winning the Orange Bowl against a top quality opponent? For the last four years VT has carried the ACC and given it at least some shred of credibility. Now that Stiney's ineptitude is not being glossed over by a typical Foster Lunch Pail defense we've basically become the MAC.

So if we do win our third ACC championship this season, what will we have gained? Another trophy for our growing trophy case. Another deserved pat on the back for Frank Beamer. Possibly another pass for Stiney. And a very dangerous, potentially devastating false sense of confidence.

Do we deserve to win the conference this season? Maybe so. And that's perhaps the worst indictment that the ACC can get.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Hard Medicine to Swallow

I would like to further elaborate on a point that Big Tony made.

Virginia Tech's combined record during Stinespring's tenure is 60-20. That's a .750 win percentage. That is pretty incredible.

Now you, I, and Mrs. O'Leary's cow know that Stiney has contributed much less than his fair share during that run of success. However, we all also know, or at least should, that Frank Beamer is a man who values winning above all else. Stats mean jack to him. If his team is winning, he holds steady on the current course. My contention, of course, is that with a top-30 offense, we have at least one national championship in the past seven years, probably two, and perhaps even three, but Coach Beamer apparently doesn't look at it that way.

My point is, however, it doesn't matter how low our total offense and scoring offense stats are. That will never cost Stiney his job, because as long as we're winning, Beamer is okay. But as soon as we're not winning, Beamer gets hopping mad, as evidenced by his cantankerous nature with just about everyone of late.

And now, to my point. This is a tough year for all of us. In the long run, however, this is the best medicine for the program. An ACC championship would have actually been detrimental to the program this year, because it would have simply bought Stinespring another season.

Now, of course, taking this argument out to its logical conclusion, in the long run the best thing would be an absolute disaster of a season, much like how this season was the final straw that got Phillip Fulmer out at Tennessee. Now, I will never root against my Hokies. Never. But I will keep it in perspective that if we stumble in these last two weeks, while it will be devastating at the time, it might just be the best thing that could have ever happened to our program.

The Hokies Will Win Tonight!

That's right, folks, I'm calling it... Virginia Tech will win tonight!

Now before you go jumping all over me telling me that we host the Blue Devils this week, and that we won't be playing until Saturday, let me clarify my point. No matter who win's tonight's game between Georgia Tech and Miami, Virginia Tech (and more specifically the fans of this blog) will win.

Here's how it breaks down:

Georgia Tech wins - We move back into a tie for second place after Georgia Tech. Assuming we win against Duke and Virginia, the Coastal Division will settle with as many as 4 teams tied (Georgia Tech, Miami, UNC and VT). The first tie-breaker is record against tied teams, which ousts Miami, as they will have lost to both Georgia Tech and UNC. Follow that with the divisional record, which knocks out UNC as the only 2-loss team. That leaves VT and Georgia Tech, which the Hokies win based on the head-to-head win. This vaults Virginia Tech into the ACC Championship game for a second straight season. Go Hokies!

Miami wins - We lose any chance of getting back to the ACC Championship game this season, which is fine, since the spotlight will spin back around to Stiney. It is much easier to fire a coach after a season where the teams failed to match the expectations of the fans and the administration. Stiney is the first man on the hot seat, and probably the first to go. Go Hokies!

So regardless of what happens tonight, my friends, Hokie Nation will win.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Greetings from Mainaman

Hi all,
I was invited by the Hokie Guru to guest blog, so here I am :)
First a few words on who I am. I am a grad student @ Tech, and since recently very passionate fan of VT football. I have to admit, that when I first came to US, Soccer was bigger than Football but that has changed as I started to watch more, the dynamics is just much more intense.
Enough about me, all the points that Illinois Hokie made are valid points, although I have no personal experience with the past (before 2003) of VT football program (except the few games I was able to see on ESPN Classic), and I firmly support them.
First point of course is Fire Bryan Stinespring from the position of OC, we so far found out that the guy is some sort of motherly figure for many guys on the team, and he can recruit very well, so yes leave him do the recruiting.

After TT got the starting QB job, I frankly thought he is not the right person for our team just from watching him play, it is almost impossible for him to stay in the pocket, now after I have seen him make deep passes with great accuracy, we come to the QB Coach point made by Illinois Hokie, how is it possible to play a QB with a "hitch" and do nothing to correct it, I would assume that was known during recruiting no? Who is responsible, the QB coach!

Now to the OL coaching. The guys can't hold for 5 sec to give the QB time to scan the field, we pretty much need a psychic for a QB to do the job under these circumstances. Its also really painful to watch numerous futile attempts at creating a hole for the RB. We pretty much need new offensive stuff in almost all departments. I think we need to get those new coaches form outside the ACC , at least I do not see any ACC team perform strong enough to go after their coaches.

O.K. enough with the rants, lets say some positive words too. I like our defense and really if we are to have any hopes of success we need to keep Bud in Blacksburg, no matter what. Look at Texas, for example, they made a Jimbo Fischer deal to their DC, immediately after he got contacted by schools with open HC position. The longhorns know their interest is to keep their top assistant coach, why aren't we doing the same? Where in the country will we find another Bud Foster to give us top ranked defense for years in a row? Lets hope its not too late, and the AD do something about it.

Go Hokies

Hi, My Name's Illinois Hokie, and I'm a Hokieholic.

Greetings my fellow BS anti-fans.

A few of you have probably read some of my responses to a few of the postings on here, but now that I am an official guest blogger here (the IH thanks the HG, and will henceforth refer to himself strictly in the third person) I thought I'd take a minute to introduce myself formally.
I attended VT from '97 - '02. Yeah, that's five years. Part of the need for that fifth year was the fact I was a double major. Another part was my deep and abiding love for Power Hour at the Hokie House.

I now follow my beloved Hokies from afar, having moved to Illinois after graduation. Stuck here in the heart of Big 10 (a double misnomer) country, I will be giving thanks once again this year for ESPN Gameplan and XM satelite radio.

Let me take a moment to lay out my own personal philosophy on the offensive scheme and the offensive coordinator at Virginia Tech. I believe Bryan Stinespring is fiercely loyal to the Virginia Tech football program. I believe he honestly does the best job he can possibly do as OC. I also believe that the best job he can do is sorely insufficient to fill the demands of a perennial top 25 Division 1A football program. I believe the current predicament in which we find ourselves is the result of poor promotion from within. The wrong man was selected to succeed Rickey Bustle, and we have paid the price for the past seven seasons.

I believe the following conditions must be met for the continued success and improvement of the Virginia Tech football program:

1.) The removal of Bryan Stinespring from the OC position. This does not necessarily require his termination from the football program in any capacity. I think Stinespring is an excellent recruiter and a very good offensive line coach. I'd like to see BS stay on with the program as O-line coach and head recruiter. I believe Bryan Stinespring has much to contribute to the program. Calling the plays is not a contribution we need or want.

2.) The removal of Mike O'Cain as QB coach. O'Cain has demonstrated nothing to make me believe he is an adequate successor to Kevin Rogers. Rogers, of course, left large shoes to fill. But Mike O'Cain began his career at Tech with the suspect decision to make Sean Glennon the starting QB, ahead of more mobile threats in Cory Holt and Ike Whitaker. It's gone downhill since then.

3.) The removal of Curt Newsome as Offensive Line Coach. This one's simple. In the late 90's and early 2000's, the O-line was solid. Newsome's been OL coach for three season. The past three seasons our O-line has been an embarrasment. We have excellent talent on the offensive line in players like Sergio Render and Blake DeChristopher. Good talent + poor execution = bad coaching.

4.) The retention of Billy Hite as running backs coach. Since I really started following VT football passionately, I have watched the following backs tote the rock for VT: Ken Oxendine, Shyrone Stith, Lee Suggs, Kevin Jones, Mike Imoh, Cedric Humes, Branden Ore, and Darren Evans. With the exception of Ore's mamoth ego (which is not a talent issue), there has been no drop-off at the RB position in the last fifteen years.

5.) The retention of Bud Foster as defensive coordinator NO MATTER THE COST.

So as I post in the future, you'll know that I will pretty much always be writing from the perspective of one of these five premises. In terms of overall importance, I'd rank 1 and 5 equivalently at the top, with 2, 3, and 4 a distant but still very important second.


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